Top 10 Romantic Places in Schwangau, Bavaria by Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle. Image source: Pixabay

Are you looking for a romantic travel destination? Have you considered Bavaria with the famous Neuschwanstein Castle Tour and its beautiful mountains and lakes?

While any place can be romantic when you’re sharing it with your soulmate, you would prefer a stunning panoramic view to face a construction site and the natural sounds of birds singing, waves breaking or cowbells ringing to the noise of a nearby motorway.

This is why the peaceful and quaint village of Schwangau in Bavaria should make it to your short-list. Watching the farmers on bicycles shepherding their small cow herds to the pastures, you will feel as if time has stood still hardly believing that you are enjoying the comfort of a first-world country.

Here is my list of top ten romantic experiences in and around Schwangau:

1. Romantic Walks By the Lake

There are plenty of nature trails in the Schwangau area and you could be following the path at the edge of one of the many lakes such as the Alpsee for hours without meeting anyone. Walk along the lake, build a sandcastle with your loved one or just relax on one of the many beaches. The curved shoreline and the trees along the shore provide lots of private little bays, where you can’t be seen by others. People often light their own little campfires and BBQs.

2. Go hiking to the mountain tops and sleep in a mountain hut

There are 14 official hiking trails and tours from Schwangau allowing you and your partner to discover nature up close. Together you will master small challenges like steep rocky paths and windy trails through the mountain forests rewarding yourself with a cold drink and a hearty meal at one of the many mountain huts such as “Drehhutte” or “Rohrkopfhutte”. Watch out for the black mountain lizards on your path; they look like little mountain crocodiles:-).

For a romantic overnight hike, start from the bottom of the mountain Tegelberg in Schwangau, hike up past meadows, forests, and rocky parts to the summit of “Branderfleck”, “Ahornsattel”. You will finally reach your destination “Kenzenhütte”, a mountain hut serving you a heart-warming hut meal, allowing you to enjoy a splendid sunset and providing you with a rustic place to spend the night. The next morning you can keep hiking back a different path or take the bus back down into the valley.

3. Have Fun Together on the Summer (and Winter) Toboggan Tracks

How about chasing each other on the summer toboggan track right on the foot of the mountain “Tegelberg”? Or enjoy the feeling of speed cuddled up on one toboggan together. At the end of the track, you can enjoy the little outdoor beer garden.

4. Relax at the Royal Thermal Bath with heated indoor and outdoor pools

For a day full of relaxation and wellness together, try the royal thermal bath “Konigliche Kristalltherme” in Schwangau. There are several heated inside and outside pools all connected to allow you an indulging water experience. Add a visit to one of the many saunas or the crystal caves.

5. Take a stroll across the markets

Schwangau hosts regular antique and pottery markets while Füssen, the medieval town 3km away, offers regular vegetable, pottery, and flea markets. Whichever takes your fancy, stroll along with the numerous stands and try out the food samples or buy a little hand-made surprise for your partner.

6. Visit the fairytale castle “Neuschwanstein” in your private horse carriage

Castle Neuschwanstein is a “must-see” in the area. With more than 1 million tourists a year it is hardly a private romantic experience, though. To avoid the crowds, book your tickets in advance and hire a private horse carriage from one of the two Schwangau rental places to take you up.

7. Go for a sunset canoe tour together

Imagine the sound of gentle waves, the deep red sunlight reflecting on the water while you are cuddled up with your loved one in a canoe. You can take an introductory canoeing course and rent canoes on lake Forggensee. It’s a lovely experience.

8. Visit one of the many festivals or parades together

Schwangau offers a multitude of parades (carnival, St. Coleman horse parade) and festivals (outdoor music festival, local dress festival, etc) to enjoy together. Try the local beer and food and join in the general jolliness. Local people are friendly and many speak enough English to hold a conversation.

9. Sleep in the trees or in a self-made igloo together

Here comes a real bonding experience. Imagine sleeping together in a floating bed hung high from a branch of a tree? I swear to you, you will never forget the experience.

In winter you can take a guided trip up the mountain, learn how to build your own igloo, and then sleep there with your loved one. This could be the perfect place for your proposal:-).

10. The Romantic Road / Bavaria

The Romantic Road connects a number of historic cities in the south of Germany and ends at the border of Germany to Austria in Schwangau/Fussen. Traveling along its most southern part will reward you with some stunning panoramic views of the Alpine mountains and of course the famous castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. There is plenty of history to be rediscovered such as Roman pillars, baths, and villas.

How to get to Schwangau

The nearest international airport is Munich. Rent a car and drive south towards the Alps on the B17. You will reach Schwangau within just over 1.5 hours. Another close-by airport is Memmingen. If you come by train, the closest train station is Fuessen (only 3km away from Schwangau).

Feel free to contact me to get more information or help with making reservations for any of the experiences.