Top 10 Cheap Holiday Destinations in the World

Top 10 Cheap Holiday Destinations in the World
Top 10 Cheap Holiday Destinations in the World

Holidaying under a budget is a tough nut to crack as not all destinations offer you the things you look out for or fulfill the wanderlust in you. Try out these cheap holiday destinations in 2019 for a wholesome traveling experience

Your dream of going to a far-flung place with family or friends seldom gets materialized because of many reasons with affordability being the primary concern. However, the good news is that the travel industry relates to your pain and understands how important holidays are for mental as well as physical health. So, if you are wondering about places that fits your pocket, then here are 10 cheap holiday destinations that will satiate all your needs and desires.

  1. Thailand

Everything from local markets, guided tours of the cultural spots, food to beach retreats, it is so cheap to voyage through the entire coastal destination. The hotels are extremely affordable with all the basic amenities or tailored facilities falling within the means. One big advantage about Thailand is the cheap commutation from Bangkok airport to the hotel. Even though Thailand is flocked all year round, the destination is still easy on the pocket as compared to its other Asian counterparts.

  1. Nicaragua

Largest country in Central America, Nicaragua steals the thunder. Virgin beaches, swirling Pacific waves, idyllic coastal areas, do you require more persuasion? About 500 miles of the coastline here in Nicaragua is scarcely populated and rarely visited by travelers, therefore, people seeking out for peace approach the destination for budget friendly yoga retreats and meditation sessions. Moreover, some of the most expensive hotels here offer luring stay rates bargain starting from $40 a night. Hiking in the twin volcanoes of Isla de Ometepe in Lake Cocibolca is one of the most cherished activities here.

  1. Laos

Laos is a destination for laidback laypersons and travelers who seek to find silence and stillness in their lives. Have you ever tried staying amidst local people on your holidays? It’s no less than fun here in Laos with cozy homestay in villages, where you get an opportunity to stay with local citizens, eat home cooked food, and have a gala time talking ancient culture and age-old tradition. If luxury accommodation is on your mind, then you have a golden chance to stay high-rated hotels in Vientiane for mere $20-$22 a night.

  1. Belarus

The recent extermination of the rule that supports expensive tourist visas has opened doors to globetrotters to come and experience Belarus. You can now travel to this exotic former Soviet republic destination sans any VISA for up to 30 days. The European influence on the architecture and buildings here shall capture your attention and you will fall in love at its first sight. Take your loved one to the 16th century castles at Mir and Nesvijk, or to the amazing villages and douse in its unusual beauty. The accommodation here is reasonable considering the statures of 5-star hotels, which is only $49 a night.

  1. Cambodia

Forget about plush hotels, stay in archaic Khemer-style houses that charges you approximately between $22 and $23 a night, which is quite reasonable. Cambodia shall give you the pleasurable life moments that you have been missing on like forever. Free tuk-tuk rides, joyous environment all around the place, eateries offering delicious snacks, and traditional temples, every aspect about this destination has a story to tell.

  1. Nepal

Scenic beauty, lovely people, trekking escapades, and Buddhist influence prevailing everywhere, Nepal is a dream-like destination. Hold hands of your twin soul and hike the Annapurna Circuit, take a trip to its famous Chitwan national park, and enjoy the fauna. Stay in well-equipped lodges that are built amidst the flora with rates somewhere between $3 and $4 a night.

  1. India

The land of Vedas, birthplace of the ancient art of Yoga – India has all the colors to fill your heart with joy and loving emotions. The beauty of Kashmir in the north, culture of Kolkata in the east, bustling city life of Mumbai in the west, and the God’s own abode in the south. Stay in the north for a while and visit Agra to witness one of the Seven Wonders of the World, which is Taj Mahal. 3-star good hotel have rates starting from $7 a night. You have the most amazing yet affordable couple retreats, and ancient Ayurveda healing retreats here.

  1. Vietnam

Beauty of South East Asia, Vietnam has a stature of being one of the most top-notch yet cheap holiday destinations. Speaking of delicious food, Vietnam has a lot of European influence on its food, for instance, eateries in North sell baked goodies with a lot of French flavors to it, pho noodles, and a variety of rice dishes. As you fill your tummy and feel your heart happy, move towards Hoan Kiem Lake, an oasis where locals practice tai chi and south has glimpse of Vietnamese rural life. Double 3-star hotel rooms cost around $22 a night.

  1. Turkey

The beauty of Istanbul, the beaches along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, Turkey is here to take your heart away. Taking dips in the thermal pool and exploring the churches from the 1500s are some of the most loved activities here. Architecture displaying the hints of the Byzantine era and mosque by the Ottomans together makes Turkey a choicest destination. You can choose to stay at nice friendly guesthouses where rates are around $33 a night.

  1. Honduras

Kindle the dormant adventurer in you and visit the wonderful sites of Honduras. Counted as one of the best scuba diving destinations, Honduras has the beautiful seaside city of Omoa and the colonial city of Comayagua, which boast of amazing Spanish houses and flocked plazas of the historic city centre. Opt for nice 3-star hotels offering better amenities at a price starting from $31 a night.

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