A first timer’s travel guide to Bangkok

A first timer's travel guide to Bangkok
A first timer's travel guide to Bangkok. Image source: Pixabay

If you are after a combination of culture, food, shopping, nightlife, and affordability, Bangkok is your ultimate destination. Bangkok is a vibrant city that seems like a whole different world, no matter how many times you have previously visited. Regardless of where you are from, Bangkok has just the right experience for you. If you are a shopper, there are multiple shopping malls and markets to source different products. The food lovers may not get enough of the street food in Bangkok, and for the sightseers, the old city has a myriad of attractions for you to visit.

Bangkok climate

Bangkok experiences a tropical climate with two notable seasons- a dry season from November to February and rainy weather from May to October. An ideal visiting season is from November to February, when the climate is cooler, usually the busiest season. As such, you should book your Delhi to Bangkok flight in advance. Expect your flight to land at either Suvarnabhumi international airport, the main international airport, or Don Mueang airport.

Getting from the airport

There are many ways to get to downtown from Suvarnabhumi airport. One is through the train, and you can get the tickets at the station. You can use a bus departing from gate seven at the passenger terminal, a taxi at THB 400, or private transfers that offer tourists the most comfortable option.

Exchanging currency

The currency unit is the THB (Thai Bhat), and you can exchange currency at the airport. Airport currency exchange rates may be higher, so you can trade just enough to get you to the city and find a bank. You can also withdraw THB from an ATM, but you must let your bank provider know in advance to avoid any issues.

Where to stay

To cut costs, stay in a commercial place where you have easy access to the subway so that you don’t have to rely on cabs to get around. Common tourist lodging areas include Chatuchak, Chinatown, Sukhumvit, Pratunam, Riverside, Silom, Siam, and the Old City. If you are not in the town for a long duration, stay near the Suvarnabhumi airport because of the city’s rush hour traffic.

Arm yourself with a map

The many Bangkok street names can be confusing to a first-timer, so the best thing is to arm yourself with a map in both English and Thai names. You can use your google map, but you will have to keep on manually translating Thai addresses.

An organized tour is better.

An organized tour offers a way of exploring Bangkok in ways you could never have imagined. You can get affordable tour guide rates, and if you are here to enjoy the city, you only have to book and arrive on time. That way, you get to avoid headaches of moving around and all the confusion.

Alternatively, plan well.

If organized tours are not for you, you can comfortably explore the city on your own but plan well. Note that Bangkok is not an easily walkable city. You need more time to make out the markets, crowds, and all sorts of commerce activities.

Bangkok. Image source: Pixabay

The last words

Be careful, avoid talking to strangers, and always carry your card hotel as it will come in handy if you forget how to get back.

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