An Exemplary List Of Hotels To Stay During Your Tour To Mandalay in 2019

An Exemplary List Of Hotels To Stay During Your Tour To Mandalay in 2019
An Exemplary List Of Hotels To Stay During Your Tour To Mandalay in 2019. Image source: Supplied

Going with the millennials flow, what is the first thing that they do after landing up in a lavish hotel room? Unlock the phones and start clicking masterpiece pictures of the rooms, scenery, and show off the extravagant amenities. Imagine, what if we can combine this experience in the most royal city, Mandalay, located on the coasts of river Irrawaddy. The place offers picture-perfect locations to the extent that Mandalay holds a place in one of the most famous poems of Rudyard Kipling. 

The place got its identity in the year 1857 after King Mindon found while fulfilling the prophecy of a Buddhist Metropolis. The city is still untouched, and the beautiful and artistic buildings are still preserved. This is being said, new construction plans have been set up, which is making Mandalay on the top list of places to visit on Myanmar tour. The shining golden pagodas add on to the charm of the city. Have you considered this kick-ass place in your list yet? Yes? Are you finding it difficult to find and extra-luxurious budget-friendly option? Read this blog and spend a splendid time in the city. We assure you that you will be awe-struck with the hotels and the hospitality will leave you spellbound. Keep reading…

Mercure Mandalay Hill Resort:

Location: No.(9), Kwin (416.B), 10th Street At the foot of Mandalay Hill Aungmye Tharzan Township, Mandalay 100101, Myanmar (Burma)

Picturesque Mandalay has a crescent-shaped hotel named Mandalay Hill Resort. The hotel faces the Royal Mandalay Palace and is a five-star hotel with ultra-modern amenities. The beds offer extra comfort and are inspired by the international designs. If you are lucky to get a room on the sixth floor and onwards, you will have a view overlooking the Royal Palace. For adventurers, this hotel is an amazing option to stay, as they can easily climb the hill behind the hotels and enjoy the beauty of pagodas. Well, not to forget, each room offer one or the other breath-taking views.

The rooms are attractive as well as affordable and offer amenities like free Wi-Fi, en-suite bathrooms, exciting bars that are open all year-round. You can savor your taste buds with some of the local and international cuisines at the in-house hotel restaurants. If we assume the price, it is about US$280 for a double room with complimentary breakfast.

If you aren’t carrying enough cash, do not worry, the hotel accepts international credit cards. Get ready to soul your body and mind at the private spa within the premises. 

The Hotel by The Red Canal:

Location: No. 417 corner of 63 and, 22nd St, Mandalay 00952, Myanmar (Burma)

Well, how excited are you to stay in a boutique hotel in Mandalay? Yes, there is a boutique hotel on the list which offers artistic, historical, and relaxing experience during the stay of Myanmar tour packages. The hotel authority lies in the hands of an Indian family who takes care of the hotel happenings for the past 20 years. 

You need to be an early bird to get a place in this hotel because this boutique hotel only has 25 rooms to offer. You would be astonished to see the handwoven art pieces and the wall hangings that will leave you speechless. If you are a foodie, there is an in-house restaurant that offers a wide range of Indian, western, as well as Chinese delicacies. And, the kidney-shaped pool will win your heart where you can relax and rejuvenate. The suite price starts around the US $144, which includes breakfast. And like other luxury hotels, this hotel accepts the major international credit cards. 

Yadanarpon Dynasty Hotel:

Location:  No. (B/413 65th Street Between 27th Street and, 28th St, Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)

As rightly said by the official sites, this is the hotel where your history starts. Yadanarpon Dynasty Hotel has been located just a short distance from the Royal Palace. It is many times confused between the Yadanarpon hotel situated in the city. You will not be disappointed with the spacious and well-designed rooms and suites having a private bathroom. Well, to our surprise, there are just 40 rooms available in the hotel. Sorry, you have to be an early bird here too!

The front rooms offer a great view of the city and extend to Mandalay hill. And if your tastebuds want some luxury food, the roof-terrace restaurant offers some delicious European and Asian cuisines to choose from. The room charges start around US$90, including breakfast. 

The Hilton Mandalay:

Location: 26th St, 66th St, Mandalay 05021, Myanmar (Burma)

What more do you want when you have this exemplary option on the list? A five-star hotel located in the heart of the city with a few minute’s distance from the city’s main attractions. The hospitality and the treatments will leave you with a broad smile, and you are bound to get a celebrity-style treatment at a very cost-effective price. Each room of the hotel offers breath-taking views that will mesmerize you with its beauty. The main features of the hotel are air-conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi, cuisine-centric restaurants, fitness & spa center, and an outdoor swimming pool. The rooms cost around US$ 130, including breakfast, and the hotel facilitates its own money exchange center and ATMs. 

If you are looking for some budget-friendly accommodation with common amenities, here is our list of hotels:

Peacock lodge: 

Location: The residential street at No 5, 60th Street (between 25th/26th Streets), Mandalay

This lodge is located on a peaceful street in Mandalay and run by a local Burmese family. The room cost starts around 35 dollars(including breakfast) and has only nine rooms to offer to the guest. This is the best location for exploring the local life in your Laos Tour package

[email protected]:

Location: No. 239, 31st Street, Between 83rd and 84th Street, Chanayethazan 11221, Myanmar (Burma)

This one is another good option for a cost-effective stay during the tour. Well, this is a hostel-type hotel that is available only for adults, and the room price starts around the US $5. 

Grab this chance of resting yourself in the lap of luxury and enjoy the hospitality at the hotels we just mentioned. Have an amazing stay ahead!