How to Pay the New Cancun Tourist Tax

Last April 1rst the new tourist tax came into force, But what is this about? Well, this fee is for “Right to Use Public Domain Assets” that’s what government authorities have announced. The new fee called Visitax will cost 11 USD ( 224 MXN) per visitor and must be paid before you leave the state, which is before boarding your departure flight.

This rate is required only for people over 15 years old, children under 14 years old are exempt from payment.

How to Pay the new tourist tax online

You need to go to the official Visitax website, and set up the following information:
1.The date you will be departing Cancun
2.How many people are in your party
3.First and last name of each person in your party
4.Birthdate of each person in your party
5.Passport number

Once visitors have filled out the form, they will be redirected to a secure payment page to complete the online payment which can be made by credit card.

Once payment is completed, travelers will be provided with a QR Code that will need to be presented to airport security before boarding their departure flight.

More options to pay the new tax

According to the government, you can also pay in cash at the Cancun Airport, there are electronic terminals located at the International Airport. So visitors can make a cash payment prior to their arrival or on the departure flight.
It is so important to do it because it will be requested by security staff. They will assist you in case of any trouble you might have.