Have the Vacation YOU Want – Why You Should Choose a Villa Rental Over a Resort for Your Mexican Vacation

Have the Vacation YOU Want - Why You Should Choose a Villa Rental Over a Resort for Your Mexican Vacation
Have the Vacation YOU Want - Why You Should Choose a Villa Rental Over a Resort for Your Mexican Vacation. Image source: Pixabay

When planning a Mexican vacation, many people instinctively think about booking a stay in a resort. There are certainly some advantages to resorts, such as the all-in-one nature of the properties, and the included amenities. However, there are also many downsides to resorts that people are less quick to think about. Renting a villa is a great alternative to the shortcomings of a resort. When it comes time to plan and maximize your vacation in Mexico, it is hard to beat villa rentals in Mexico.

Avoid the Crowds – And Noise

One of the most often cited reasons for choosing a resort experience for a Mexican vacation is the all-together layout of the properties. But it is important to remember that all-together means just that: a huge crowd of people is all-together. This means that resorts are often noisy or crowded places which are not conducive to relaxation.

More worrying is the lack of control that you have with resorts. You are assigned a room and it is often difficult or impossible to change it. Thus, if your neighbor in the adjoining room has a habit of loudly coming back at two o’clock in the morning, or if you were unlucky enough to be placed in the room by the loudly whining ice maker, the peace and solace of your vacation can easily be destroyed by no fault of your own.

Further, resorts are by definition very crowded places. For many, going on a vacation is a way of escaping the rat race and seeking some alone time. Being forced to use a pool with hundreds of other people, or wait in long lines for a buffet, is not a good way of achieving that goal.

Control Your Vacation – Don’t Have it Controlled

Marketers for resorts often cite that they offer an “all included experience”, including your lodging, food, and entertainment. This sounds nice at first but can quickly become a stifling experience in practice. Choosing a resort means that your ability to choose how you want to spend your vacation is extremely limited. If you want to go to a specific local restaurant or see a local attraction, you will quickly discover the sort-comings of an all-inclusive resort experience.

Even if you choose to forfeit the money you have already paid for the resort and simply leave to go explore on your own, this can often be difficult. Many resorts are located extremely far outside of town, which severely limits your ability to explore on your own terms. What many people want in a vacation is freedom, but freedom is hard to find at a resort.

Renting your own villa or house allows you to come and go as you please, and puts you in the center of the action. You get to control your own vacation, rather than have it controlled for you. This becomes yet one more reason by you cannot beat villa rentals in Mexico.

Maximize Your Vacation Dollars

You work hard to save money to go on vacation, so it is crucial to ensure that you maximize the enjoyment you get from your money. This is another place where resorts fall short: value. The nature of all-inclusive resorts is that many different aspects are included in the up-front price. This may sound like a positive, but it is actually a downfall. By requiring vacationers to pay for the entire experience upfront, they are forcing you to pay for things you may or may not need. Thus, if you decide to not visit a certain buffet or utilize a certain spa at the resort, you still have to pay for it.

By renting your own villa, house, or other property you are given the freedom to choose what you spend your money on. Therefore, you can prioritize the things you care about and forego the things that you do not. This is the common thread throughout the vacation villa rental experience: you get the freedom to choose.

The Savings Are Even Greater For Larger Groups

Further, renting a villa is simply a more affordable option than resorts – especially if you are traveling with a larger group. With resorts, you often have to pay a per-person rate, even if there are multiple people staying in one room. With a villa, you pay one rate regardless of how many people are staying on your vacation. Many vacation villas can accommodate large groups – often over a dozen. Paying for each individual at a resort would become extremely costly, but at a villa, it is not a concern.

Know the True Costs Ahead of Time

Resorts often advertise “all-inclusive” pricing, but this can be extremely misleading. While the basic food and room are included, there are often numerous and excessive upcharges. Want to consume an alcoholic beverage on your vacation? That can be an extra charge. Want to dine at a nicer restaurant? Another up-charge. Did you remember to tip the staff? Yet one more unexpected charge. When all of these factors are combined, it is easy and common to spends thousands more than you anticipated, despite the “all-inclusive” advertising.

With a villa rental, you have control over the trip and the costs. You can go to the restaurants you want, have the drinks you prefer, and explore the sites you want to see. Because there is no overarching company controlling your vacation, with a villa you no longer have to worry about aggressive and hidden charges. The old adage of “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” rings true here. By staying at a resort, you forfeit control of the price and options of your trip. But by staying at an independent villa, you regain the power to choose.

You Can Use the Resort Without Staying in It

You might be thinking “I understand the risks, but I want to experience the services the resorts have to offer.” It is true – resorts often feature dining options, spa services, or even pool facilities that look very appealing. But here is a secret that the resorts do not want you to know: You can often use their facilities without staying in their rooms. Most resorts offer ala cart pricing options which allow you to utilize specific aspects of their property without committing to an entire vacation there. Thus, if you want to simply visit their spa, lounge by their pool, or dine at a specific restaurant, you likely can. Simply enquire about the cost to access specific services and you will find that these options are often surprisingly affordable. This way you can have the benefits of a resort stay without being chained to the entire experience.

Do What You Want, When You Want, How You Want

As you have likely noticed, the most prominent theme of choosing the best rentals villa In Mexico over a resort is the freedom of choice. Booking a stay at a resort only to realize that it is not what you expected or wanted can be stressful. And, of course, avoiding stress is the entire goal of a vacation. This is why it simply makes more sense to retain your power of choice and choose a villa rental over a resort. Whether you do it for the cost savings, the ability to choose your own itinerary, or so that you will be closer to the local culture, there are countless factors that make villa rental the obvious choice.