Go Crazy with These 5 Party Destinations in Mexico

Travelers choose their destinations for a number of reasons. Some like to travel in peace and quiet, visiting regions that are more isolated and with epic sceneries, while others focus their travel research on populated destinations, party places,and vibrant events. One of the world’s gems and a popular tourist destination, which gives travel enthusiasts a bit of both, is Mexico.

A widely visited region, Mexico offers its tourists unforgettable experiences. Nature lovers can dive into the pure and crystal clear beaches, luxury fans can take advantage of stunning spas and luxurious resorts that will leave a long-lasting memory behind, while party animals can sip on margaritas and sangrias in regions such as Cancun. When we speak of Mexico we can almost feel the warm sun on our skin and enter summer mode regardless of the season.

For the party seekers, if you have chosen Mexico as your next traveling destination, here are the top 5 party destinations that you don’t want to miss out on, selected by the party experts here at PV Nightlife!

1. Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico’s capital is well known as a top party destination and has gained its popularity for a number of reasons. Tourists can party the way the locals do by starting with the precopeo, the “pre-drinks”, and continue partying until the sun comes up! It’s worth noting that the Mexican weekend starts on Thursday so if you love going out – this is the place to do so without a single worry.

The place where the party is at its best at all times in Downtown Mexico City also called CDMX. Visiting Downtown Mexico City will leave you breathless and you will come to realize that this is a place where the party never stops. You can party as long as your power lasts. Party styles differ and there is an option for everyone! There are a number of open clubs and bars offering underground electronic music, techno experiences, house beats, and more. If you are a fan of alternative experiences you can visit Americana Club Social, where clubbing turns into a theatrical journey.

2. Puerto Vallarta

A popular beach resort city in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is next on our list of best party destinations in the region. Puerto Vallarta is located on the Pacific Ocean’s Bahia de Banderas and hosts a vast number of tourists every year. You can experience the party vacation of a lifetime here, surrounded by amazing, trending music, stunning clubs,and bars that are open until late, and dive into a party like none before.

While Puerto Vallarta offers tourists a number of alternative activities it is renowned for its unbelievable party options. The destination’s bars and clubs like to play with tourists’ senses and aim to make party lovers experience unmatched nights. You can organize a bachelorette party or spend New Year’s Eve in some of the best venues in Puerto Vallarta and bring your party experiences to a whole new level. It is even easier if you use a trusted local agency like PV Nightlife to make all the arrangements – nightclub bookings, VIP access, secure private transport, exclusive pass to the most wanted events – we can help you.

Some of the best clubs to visit include Biblioteca, Bar Morelos, La Vaquita, and La Santa. Beware, the fun does not stop there and it is worth spending a few nights in the region to get the most of your party vacation.

Quick reminder: Spending the whole night waiting in line in front of a nightclub IS NOT how a real party goes. Just give us a call and PV Nightlife will arrange you with a booking for any nightclub in Puerto Vallarta. In fact, we can do much more than that. Check out our services on the site.

3. Cancun

What’s better than spending the day in the sun at a glorious beach and finishing the day with a crazy party that will leave a taste for months? Cancun is a trendy party destination visited by those who love meeting new people, spending the night with amazing music and tasting some of the best drinks available. Worry not, even if the sunset means no more sunbathing, a whole new world of partying is there to explore during night time.

Some of the most popular places to visit for partying in Cancun include The City, a spacious party destination with nine bars across three floors. With a number of alternatives to choose from, there is something for everyone. The best part of visiting Cancun is also the beach parties in places like Mandala Beach Club, where you can dive in the world of house music in your bikinis and watch the sun come up after a good party.

4. Acapulco

Another beach place to visit in Mexico if you like partying is Acapulco. With a variety of party options for both younger and older people, Acapulco offers its tourists a range of party options. Known as the Pearl of the Pacific, Acapulco is among the most visited Mexican destinations. In order to see the best from Acapulco, you need to save a few days for the destination as it is large and difficult to grasp in one go.

The vibrant atmosphere of Acapulco will make you fall in love with the place and its nightlife will keep you coming back for more. Dancing is almost a must in Acapulco so get your dancing shoes out and put your barriers aside as you’re in for some fun!

5. Tijuana

Last but not least, another top party destination in Mexico that you should explore is Tijuana. Very closely positioned to the United States, Tijuana pampers its visitors with a range of sightseeing areas, rich restaurants,and quality nightlife. The destination is perfect for party lovers for the USA who have limited time to travel as it is located in just above two-hour drive from LA. It is worth visiting Downtown Tijuana and La Zona Norte, two regions with full and vibrant nightlife options, inexpensive tequila, a range of music options and everything you need for a crazy night that you won’t be able to forget. Popular for its dance clubs and crazy nightclubs, Tijuana is a perfect student vacation destination.

Mexico has its colorful and unique party experiences and its worth spending some time in the region to get a taste of its diversity.But wherever you go, whatever you do, having a local host like PV Nightlife is always a good idea. We make the whole experience much safer, save you time and stress, uncover party opportunities you would otherwise miss, and leave you with nothing else to do but party hard!

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