7 Places to Marvel At In Mexico

7 Places to Marvel At In Mexico
7 Places to Marvel At In Mexico

Located in the ‘Ring of Fire’, Mexico is a diverse country which offers a basketful of
attractions to its visitors. It ranges from gorgeous beaches and beautiful colonial
architecture to rich cultural traditions and festivities. With those vivid beaches, there are
bound to be beachfront homes in Mexico which you will be able to rent to live your
vacation in the lap of the waves. But there’s more to do in Mexico than just heading out
towards the beach:

 Get Amazed at the Animals in Chapultepec Zoo

Home to 253 species of animals (130 of which are native to Mexico), this zoo is one of the
main attractions of the Chapultepec Park. Open Tuesday to Sunday, the zoo contains 7
different biome areas. The best part? Admission is free. So you can come with your family
and kids to have a fun time to learn about the animals or you can come alone if you just
want some quiet time to appreciate nature’s marvels.

 Visit the Historical Center

Mexico breathes history not just through its long Spanish colonial period, but it all dates
back to its ancient cultural norms which have left a prominent mark on the place. In the El
Centro Historico you can stroll through the main square (Zocalo), gaze at the main Aztec
Temple (Templo Mayor) and be in awe of the beautiful colonial architecture. Try to hitch
onto a walking tour to get a better grasp of the historical and cultural significance of the

 Explore Mexico City’s Parks

Mexico has a popular depiction of being a very busy and crowded city. But in the midst of
all the rush, there are plenty of green areas to explore and relax in. One such must visit the place is the Parque Mexico in the Condesa neighborhood. It boasts of well-maintained
paths, art deco benches, green luscious vegetation and other plentiful decorations. If you
want a bit more to do than just sitting around on the grass, then there are free tango classes offered there as well on Sundays. Another can’t-miss place is the Chapultepec Park which is full of green areas. Here you can come in small groups to enjoy the amusement parks and then take a breather by getting awed at the museums, before ending your time there with some paddle boating.

 Visit the National Museum of Anthropology

Holding artifacts from Mexico’s Columbian era (from about 100 BC to A.D 1521), the faculty houses the famous Piedra del Sol and the Aztec Calendar stone along with the iconic 16th-century statue of Xochipilli (the Aztec God of games, art, beauty, maize and more). The museum, located within the famous Chapultepec Forest offers a look at the culture,
tradition, and life which breathed in the various regions of Mexico. Want to take a break
from all the art and culture? There is a cafeteria, a locker room as well as a gift shop
therein. It is advised that you book a whole day since the museum has extensive collections and exhibits. A pro tip: avoid going on Sundays since Mexican residents receive free admission then.

 Discover Mexico’s Murals

Mexican muralism is widely known and there’s no better place to start with than with
Diego Rivera’s “The Epic of the Mexican People” located in the National Palace. From there move on to the Secretary of Public Education at Republica de Argentina #28. Here there are over 200 Rivera murals filling up space. There’s more as well:

  • The Supreme Court building at Pino Suarez #2 houses 4 Jose Clemente Orozco
  • There are murals by George Biddle and Hector Cruz Garcia on the second floor of
    the Supreme Court building.
  • On the facade of the Insurgentes Theater on Insurgentes Sur #1587, there is
    Rivera’s “The History of Theater”.
  • The Universidad metro station showcases a mural by Arturo Garcia Bustos.
  • The Jesus Nazareno church on Pino Suarez #34 contains a fresco by Jose Clemente Orozco.

So pack in for a day and feast your eyes on the extensive designs.

 Visit the Churches

There are some beautiful churches in Mexico which hark back to the colonial times with its
period art and architecture. While each one is a thing unto itself but if you are cramped for
time there are two which you absolutely shouldn’t miss- The world’s second most visited
church, the Basilica de Guadalupe, as well as the oldest cathedral in America, the Catedral
Metropolitana. Both churches should beckon exploring art enthusiasts as well as devotees
who want to be in a quiet divine atmosphere.

 Discover the UNAM campus

The campus of Mexico’s National Autonomous University (UNAM) is one of the city’s
UNESCO World Heritage sites, where visitors come to witness the famed mosaic mural by
Juan O’Gorman. Located in the University library building, it’s a short distance from the
entrance. On the Rectoria building, there’s also a beautiful mural by David Alfaro Siqueiros.
But murals aren’t the only attraction here as the sculptural space (Espacio escultorico) and
the botanical garden brings in a lot of admirers. There is just only one way to see
everything: just go out and explore the campus yourself. You will find things of beauty
seldom seen.

Mexico is home to everything from UNESCO World Heritage sites to natural wonders alike. Taking it all in will need a lifetime. So it’s better to pack off your bags and start off now to enjoy the treasures waiting to be explored.