4 Reasons Mauritius was Made for a Team Building Trip

4 Reasons Mauritius was Made for a Team Building Trip
4 Reasons Mauritius was Made for a Team Building Trip. Image source: Supplied

Yes Mauritius is made for honeymooners, with its long stretches of beach to stroll upon, sunsets to gaze at, and cocktails to share together. But it’s also the perfect corporate destination for a team building trip, a place where groups can have shared experiences, get to know each other, and enjoy some downtime as well. Here’s why, in addition to being the ideal leisure destination, Mauritius is particularly suited to hosting teams.

  1. Convenient location

At just a four hour direct flight from Johannesburg to Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International airport via the national carrier Air Mauritius, Mauritius offers South African visitors a quick and easy journey to another country. With no jet lag, no stopovers and no visas needed for South Africans, this is a very appealing option that offers your team members all the benefits and memories of an international destination, with much more convenience and less time spent on getting there. Certain airlines like Air Mauritius also offer convenient flying perks, such as golf bags that fly free if the team are golfers, as well as fantastic rates for group bookings.

  1. The climate

With its mild tropical weather, the country has two seasons: a warm humid summer from November to April, and a cool dry winter from June to September. The average temperature in Mauritius never drops below 20 degrees (even in winter), so it’s the ideal destination as you’re not limited to travelling at a particular time of year in order to get decent weather. This climate makes it comfortable for everyone who visits, and most hotels have air conditioning for when you do need to take that afternoon nap, or require some respite from your daily activities.

  1. The ocean

The warm Indian Ocean surrounds Mauritius, and is a key drawcard for visiting tourists. With a sea temperature ranging from 23 to 29 degrees, it’s so warm that you can spend hours in it doing water-based team building activities – including things like scuba diving, windsurfing, water-skiing or parasailing. It’s also perfect for these types of activities because the water is extremely calm and generally safe, as a result of the coral reef surrounding the entire island.

  1. The sports

It’s not only about the water though – Mauritius offers lots of land-based sporting options for groups, so your team members can choose something that interests or excites them. If they’re not so keen on spending hours on the beach or in the ocean, perhaps you can arrange a round of golf for everyone, or set up a scavenger hunt on a hiking trail? If they’re feeling particularly adventurous, they can also try their hand at zip lining, mountain biking or even skydiving!

Whether your team members are cooking up a storm using delicious local ingredients, building a raft to cross a river, or playing volleyball on the sand, Mauritius is packed with all you need for the perfect team building breakaway. During their trip to this idyllic island, team members can learn more about each other, make lifelong memories and return to work or real life energised and motivated to perform at their best.