Launch of the #buylocal campaign to support local businesses on the KZN South Coast

Launch of the #buylocal campaign to support local businesses on the KZN South Coast
Launch of the #buylocal campaign to support local businesses on the KZN South Coast

In its effort to drive economic growth in the KZN South Coast, South Coast Tourism & Investment Enterprise (SCTIE) has launched the #buylocal campaign. This local-first initiative encourages communities and stakeholders to support local businesses, grow existing investments and thereby encourage job creation.


This forms part of the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition’s (the DTIC) Buy Back SA initiative that encourages local business support as a way to create jobs and secure the country’s future by making it much more self-reliant.


“We need to shift the mindset that suppliers beyond our borders are better than our own,” explained Phelisa Mangcu, CEO of South Coast Tourism and Investment Enterprise (SCTIE), the official economic development arm of the KZN South Coast. “The KZN South Coast offers a distinctive local flavour with suppliers manufacturing and providing goods that meet local market needs. There is an incredible amount of talent and skill which, through support, will only flourish and grow.”


Mangcu said that sourcing local ingredients and materials will be a game-changer for the local and national economy: “By buying local, we’re strengthening the local economy, building communities, and forming a solid and resilient network that will withstand any future uncertainties. Considering the economic devastation of the recent pandemic, resilience in the local economy is absolutely essential. Be a proud local and buy local!”


Top 7 reasons to buy local


1. There’s a decrease in fossil fuel use when buying locally as it decreases the transportation needs from manufacturer to buyer.


2. Supporting local businesses creates a greater sense of community as sellers and manufacturers get to know their buyers, and vice versa.


3. Supporting the #buylocal campaign creates many more local jobs and boosts the local economy.


4. Buying locally grown produce is better for the environment and better for you as it’s farm-to-fork fresh.


5. Local businesses are identifiable, accessible, and more accountable than outside counterparts.


6. Buying local creates a much more resilient local economy, allowing organisations and communities to better withstand times of economic uncertainty.


7. Through the #buylocal campaign, the KZN South Coast is ‘growing its pride’ to attract interest and investment from beyond local borders.


Extending from Port Shepstone, the area’s economic hub, throughout the KZN South Coast, there are so many investment opportunities. To find out more about these, get in touch with SCTIE, the KZN South Coast’s One-Stop Shop for investment. Contact SCTIE on 039 682 7944, email [email protected] or visit  Keep updated on Facebook; South Coast Tourism and Investment Enterprise on YouTube; @infosouthcoast on Twitter or Instagram; and South Coast Tourism and Investment Enterprise on LinkedIn. Follow #unlimitedopportunities #investkznsouthcoast #investment and #kznsouthcoast! And click here to check out previous SCTIE press releases.