Gay bars in Jamaica


Jamaica is one of the most popular vacation destinations, however when looking for Jamaica gay bars they will not be as readily found as in many other countries. There are bars and clubs that can be found and are frequented by locals however they’re not widely publicized.

The bars and clubs that can be found are the Acrpolis Disco, which is located in Ocho Rios and patrons will find dancing with DJs and other live entertainment in a trendy atmosphere. There is the amnesia nightclub also located in this town with music, dancing, and light shows in an atmosphere with a friendly staff and a fun night out.

When visiting Kingston, Chasers Café serves meals during the day and the compressed menu in the evening along with seating in the garden and live entertainment. The islands Black Pearl Nightclub has live entertainment, dancing and other special events, this Jamaica, gay bar is located in Montego Bay.

Montego Bay Club and Resort has two bars, one that can be reached on the beach for a drink while watching the ocean. The second bar is a place to spend a fun evening of conversation and some live entertainment.

There many other Jamaican gay bars that the locals frequent, which have reggae music and Jamaican rum. These can be found one in Jamaica talking to the locals and along with their outdoor patios where they often have other entertainment.

There are other clubs and bars that while not advertising for the gay community, is a quite accepting and friendly environment for having a fun evening out, with music, live entertainment, drink specials and other events.

Source by Mirna Khoury

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