Goa: Best Packages and Activities Guide of Goa

Goa lies on the western coast of India on the edge of the Arabian Sea. This area is also known as the Konkan coast. It is the second smallest state in the country. It is the fourth-smallest state in terms of population. The capital of Goa is ‘Panaji’. In the 16th century, Portuguese traders established their base in Goa. In a short period of time power was taken over. 450 years later, in 1961, the Government of India took over Goa by military action. Goa is an area where colonial rulers did not leave the country until the end. With its beautiful beaches, unique monuments and rich heritage, Goa is a great tourist destination.


The first enthusiasm for Goa is young people. This is because casinos, carnivals, pubs and parties attract them. Many people think that Goa is the same. But, this little state has so many unique features. Natural beauty, scenic beaches, serene sunsets, ocean adventures… so much more! All ages. Family excursion, fun trips with friends is a positive tourist destination. So go to Goa this time with family.

Goa is home to a pleasant coconut orchards, colorful houses that are thrown in the middle of the orchards, historic heritage sites and jolly spots in Goa. Goa, which is teeming with youth in November and December… will be the hub of the month of February and March. Families who enjoy relaxation, and the new couple’s footprints disturbed by the embrace of the waves, make the scenery even more enticing. Let us know more about this place.

How to reach Goa

  • There are non-stop flights from Hyderabad to Goa. Private buses are also available. From Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam, you can proceed to Goa via Hyderabad.
  • Goa has the Kulem, Madgaon and Vasco Da Gama railway stations. Trains are available from Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Vishakha. You can take a taxi to reach the shores of Goa.

Where to Stay in Goa

Guesthouses are available to all communities in Goa. For guests visiting with family members, the State Tourism Department’s hostels are the first choice. With online booking you can get good deals for less. Rent can range from Rs 500 to Rs 5,000 per day.

Attractions in Goa

    1. Cruise Excursions: Cruise excursions in Goa can be a memorable experience. The Arabian Sea, overlooking the Mandovi River, can be found in the lap of nature. Adults also become children, dancing to the local songs on the cruise deck.
      Price: Rs. 300 (per person)
      Where to Book ?
      Goa Boat Cruise – Naika, Khobra Waddo, Calangute, Goa 403516
      Phone : 091122 01800
    2. South Beaches : 125km in Goa. The beaches stretched across. They were divided into the northern and southern coasts. While the North Shore is the perfect place for parties, carnivals and adventures, the South Shore is ideal for calm and relaxing. Palolem Beach is important on the south coast. The sea waters here are pure. There are small huts and ayurvedic centers along the shore. Yoga classes are held in the morning. The Monkey Island and the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary are located nearby. The Agonda Beach in the same row is also calm. Calangute is a staple on the northern shores. Known as the ‘Queen of Beaches’, this beach is one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. The nearby beach is well maintained. Anjuna Village, situated amidst a series of hills, offers a breathtaking view of nature.
    3. Water sports : Water sports are a special part of a visit to Goa. This is the place for you. Water Games such as windsurfing, dinghy sailing, angling, and water scooter can last for days.
      • Jet Skiing at Candolim, Bega and Wagator Beach – Price: Rs. Starting at 1,200.
      • Parasailing at Anjuna and Vagator Beaches – Price: Rs
      • Water Rafting on Mandovi River and Vagator Beach – Price: Rs
      • Scuba Diving on Grand Island near Vasco – Price: Rs.2,500 – Rs 4,000 and Snorkeling Price: Rs 1,000

Water Sports Price List

  1. Aguada Fort : The ‘Aguada’ fort was built with 79 cannons to withstand the Arabian tide. Built in 1864, the lighthouse is impressive inside a fort that divides the Cinquerium and Candolim beaches. At sunset, the beauty of this red fort is doubled. Travelers visiting the beaches early in the morning can relax in the castle by noon.
  2. Bom Jesus Basilica Church : The Bom Jesus Basilica Church, built in 1605, is a Catholic center of worship. Thousands of people visit this magnificent church in Baroque style. The church is open from 9 am to 6.30 pm.
  3. Santana : Village sandals are another specialty of Goa. You can shop here for cheap. Usually these signatures are performed by Candolim and Anjuna Chenta. There will also be a second hand goods market on Saturdays. The Flea Market is held every Wednesday at Anjuna Beach. You can buy amazing items at cheaper prices.

Some other places to visit

  • Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Goa is a must-see.
  • Dudsagar Falls, located on the Mandovi River on the Goa-Karnataka border, is a spectacular sight. The steep jumps from 1,017 feet high are awe-inspiring.
  • You can hire aadhar card and driving license in Goa. Rent is around Rs 300 to Rs 500 per day. You can also book Dudhsagar Jeep Safari Tour online.
  • Nights in Goa are awesome. Tito Street is the name given to clubs. Parties continue until dawn. Parties also host cottages along the coast.

The sea attracts casinos set up on large ships in the backwater. You can also go with families. There are special care centers for young children. There will be huge buffets, a variety of snacks and entertainment.