Essential Tips for Planning Your Trip to Palace on Wheels

Essential Tips for Planning Your Trip to Palace on Wheels
Essential Tips for Planning Your Trip to Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels is the luxurious train which travels through the popular tourist destinations in India. It is one of the memorable ways of exploring India’s rich culture and heritage. The hand-picked destinations represent the vibrant colors of India.

Here are some of the essential tips for planning your trip to the palace on wheels:

  1. Bag Packing:

It is essential to pack the right clothes before travelling in the Palace on Wheels. Check the season while you are travelling. If it is winter season, pack some of the warm clothes. The summers are really hot in Rajasthan, especially from March to October. So pack your bag according to the seasons.

  1. Visit Palace on Wheels official GSA Website:

This is an important step while preparing for the journey in the Palace on Wheels. Make sure to visit the Palace on Wheels website which gives you an idea about the places you are travelling and amenities.

  1. Rules and Regulation:

Try to know the rules and regulation while visiting any place. India is famous for rich temples and you must follow certain rules like not wearing footwear while entering the temple. Many palaces have certain rules of not clicking the pictures, wearing short dresses and many others.

  1. Limited Luggage:

Less luggage will help you to move freely anywhere. It is also included in the guidelines of International Airlines. Try to make a list of necessary items and pack them in your bag. By the help of this list, you can easily remove the unnecessary items from the list. For the easy storage of the luggage in Palace on Wheels, it is advised to carry only soft topped bags.

  1. Gathering Important documents:

If you are visiting India from other countries, try to arrange all the travel documents. Documents like travelling tickets, insurance, visa, a passport should be carried with you. Don’t pack them along with your clothes in the luggage. If in case of any misplaced, it is always recommended to keep a xerox copy of your documents. According to international travel health regulations, it is necessary to carry the yellow fellow.

Countries require a minimum of 6 months on the traveller’s passport. So, check and renew your travel documents if necessary before the time.

  1. Hotel Accommodation:

You can also book your hotels for pre and post boarding in Palace on Wheels website. Many hotels are available near the Delhi Railway station. If you are travelling from any other country, it is always recommended to take some rest in the hotel before boarding the Palace on Wheels train.

  1. Budget:

Check out the extra fees and cost before emptying your wallet. Many sightseeing destinations may even charge for the video camera or camera. Try to maintain the liquid cash as well.

if you are planning your trip to India then book the Palace on Wheels train. Keep everything ready before the last minute rush while travelling.