Devikulam – Trace down culture and mythology

Devikulam - Trace down culture and mythology
Devikulam - Trace down culture and mythology

With a feeling of heaven on Earth, Devikulam is one of the pearl like slope stations of Munnar that will make you be in awe of its beauty as soon as you reach.  From strange perspectives to sweeping lakes, the spots to visit in Devikulam that will leave one in the wonder of it are endless. Placed at an elevation of roughly 1800 meters from the sea level, this charming little hill station is a perfect goal for those voyagers who are looking for a calm yet beautiful tour in India. Home to a promising lake, Devikulam has components of nature and culture encompassing it.

The lush greenery, reviving open spaces, fragrant tea manors, wonderful perspectives from the high bluffs, and a broad number of bold exercises have made this spot one of the most captivating areas. A paradise on earth for the individuals who are looking for ways and reasons to draw nearer to the compelling force of nature, Devikulam is known for the floors shrouded with gum trees in red and blue alongside other regular wonders that attract the explorers.


Considered as one of the most favorable lakes in Devikulam, Devi Lake otherwise known as Sita Lake has highlights of a consecrated and religious conviction connected to it. It is accepted that the spouse of Lord Rama, Sita bathed in this lake. Settled among the wonderful trees that are greener than expected, tea estates that smell great, and a woods clad small scale slope shaping its background, Devi Lake is a perfect spot for a family outing. This lake in Devikulam offers springs of mineral water and come by trickling down the mountains, in the middle of the wildernesses, and along a trail.


One of the most intriguing Devikulam visitor places, Tea and flavor estates offers a broad and different assortment of grand greenery. Lodging patches of tea and zest estates alongside the floors being secured by other colorful assortments of vegetation, Devikulam is a goal that causes a voyager to be appreciative to the miracles of the compelling force of nature and lose themselves in a staggering, positive air encompassing the goal. The smooth lines of flavors and tea that have been cut conveniently and are adjusted evenly offers a fantastic view. A portion of the flavor estates that can be found in Devikulam incorporate pepper, cardamom, clove, and considerably more.



One of the most photogenic Devikulam cascades, Thoovanam Falls is an incredibly reviving and loosening up a spot in the town. With silver-white water spouting down the greenery, Thoovanam Falls can be discovered somewhere inside the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. An area that looks like out of a storybook, this cascade is meant for trekkers who are looking for different trails and slopes to win. The immaculate and uncovered excellence of these mystical cascades make this one of the most beguiling spots to visit in Devikulam.


Offering another energizing trekking spots to the voyagers, Mattupetty Dam is found only a couple of kilometers from Devikulam. Sitting on the valleys of Munnar, with the floor being secured by rich greenery, Mattupetty is a superb goal that houses smooth fields, fragrant tea ranches, tranquility in the climate, and peaceful perspectives for the voyagers. Enabling vacationers to absorb the magnificence of Munnar, Mattupetty Dam is really honored by the unstoppable force of life. The dam offers different exercises like trekking, walking around the wilderness, excursion spots, drifting, and substantially more, making vacationers begin to look all starry eyed.


Meesapulimala is home to a couple of the most well known trekking trails in South India. Giving an incredible chance to trekkers to investigate and uncover the appealing excellence of slopes in Munnar, Meesapulimala is found only a couple of kilometers from Devikulam. The slopes that Meesapulimala covers rise high above, wearing the mists as their tiaras. These slopes enable voyagers to overcome and go through a night in the camps, in the midst of the mists, encompassed by strange bluffs and rich greenery, making the entire experience very stunning and critical for the explorers.