Destinations Worth To Be Visited Alone In India


While we are planning for any kind of trip, we usually search for our friends or mates who would definitely accompany us with our trip especially when it comes to the trip of India. Since India is known to be land that serves the purpose of traveling of every single traveler, there are place that it houses one must visit alone. With every solo travelling trip that you would do in your India Tour, you would not only explore something new in an overall different way but also, you would relax your mind, body and soul.

As it said, “the best time we spend is with ourselves while we walk down the lanes alone”, India will not step back to make you spend the best time with yourself.

But do you know about the places you need to visit alone? No? Let me give you the names about the Best Solo Traveling Places in India. Check out the list below:

  • Sandhan Valley

Located in Maharashtra, this beautiful Sandhan Valley is the prominent place for the people who love thrill in their lifetime. Being a combination of canyon valley, it is only open from November to May. Yet this water – carved valley is surrounded by the Ratnagad and Ajoba Mountain Ranges and the tent pitching camps will surely let you live the best moments with the nature, surrounding and  with yourself.

  • Zanskar

The one barely touched pristine beauty of India is the Zanskar that is known for its frozen Zanskar Valley and waterfalls the Chadar trek that is considered to be the most dangerous trek of India, this place will definitely give you the opportunity of a lifetime to explore something that is next to heaven.

  • Manali

The place blessed its extremely mesmerizing natural beauty, Manali is the location of India that is be the most prominent tourist destination, honeymoon destination and the famous Hill Station, Manali use to be the summer resort for the British Raj. Being the gateway to the Leh Ladakh, Manali is the place you can visit in any part of the world.

  • Varkala

The mesmerizing cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea, this beautiful location in the coastal town of Kerala, this place is known for its untouched beaches, temples and few water sports. The most prominent locations to visit Ponnumthuruthu Island, Papasnanam Beach, Kapil Lake and Janardhan Swami Temple.

  • Khajuraho

The temple town Khajuraho is known for its beautiful carving of temple that usually has the sexual images of women and men. Since this place was found in 900 AD, it holds an extremely grand significance of history, art and architecture. Being the prominent place for the history and art lovers, this place has a lot to be explored that will surely leave you spell bound with its extraordinary charm.

Go, get yourself lost in the places those will definitely offer you the experience you would cherish. Tadda!

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