Amazing Activities to Try Out With Your Family This Winter


The nip in the air tells you that the highly awaited winters are here. The sweaters are out, so are the jackets. There is an indescribable excitement all around, a feeling that can only be experienced. This is the time to head out and engage in different activities with your family.

From witnessing the exotic wildlife to exploring the heritage sites, there is so much to do this season. The incredible weather enhances the entire experience. The joys of this weather are manifold. Gather around, make a plan and create some lovely memories with your family. In case you have been thinking of doing so, here are some of the top activities to try out with your family this winter.

  • Wildlife

There cannot be a better time to visit the national parks and sanctuaries scattered all over India than the winter season. Like humans, animals enjoy winters too, and spotting them is quite easy during this time. The fabulous creatures can be spotted basking in the sun or celebrating the arrival of winter. Some of the best national sanctuaries which you can visit are Bandhavgarh National Park, Jim Corbett National Park, Ranthambore National Park and Kaziranga National Park, among others.

  • Beaches

One of the best winter destinations in India are its incredible beaches. The warm sunshine works wonders for the body while the slightly cool breeze exhilarates the senses. While Goa’s beaches provide the pleasures of partying, those in Kerala are the oasis of tranquility and solitude. While the beaches of Odisha are lined with temples, those in Chennai stretch for miles on end. Every place provides a distinct experience.

  • Backwaters

When it’s Kerala, its Ayurveda, and backwaters. These complex network of water bodies flanked by coconut trees showcase the rural beauty of this state at its best. Taking a cruise on these backwaters on a traditional houseboat called “kettuvallam” is one of the best things to do with your family. The stillness and the greenery enveloping you throughout the ride leaves you with wonderful memories. The most popular backwater destinations in Kerala are Alleppey, Kollam, Kumarakom and Kuttanad, besides others.

  • Toy Train ride

Sit back, relax and revel at the scenery greeting your eyes. Watch the train negotiate its way through sharp bends and curves, accompanied with the occasional whistle. Taking a ride on these slow yet elegantly moving trains is similar to reviving a fairly tale of sorts. The sweet whistling of the engine and the rhythmic chugging of the wheels along with the greenery outside – what is happiness but this? Some of the trains to check out are, Kangra Toy Train, Kalka-Shimla Railway, Darjeeling-Himalayan Railway and Ooty-Nilgiri Railway, besides others.

  • Plan a Heritage Tour

Another of the best activities to look forward to during a family holiday is to plan a heritage tour. India is home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and winter is the best time to explore them all. Several states in India are home to world heritage sites, and each one represents a particular historical period, style of architecture, cultural significance etc. Embarking on a heritage tour is not only enjoyable, but also educational.

  • Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are fun, and it’s a delight to spend time in them. They don’t just offer rides and swings, they take them to a next level. From 4d stimulation rides to indoor dance floors, they keep throwing surprises at you and amusing you constantly. Several of them are theme based and let you live your fantasy, in a way. Some of the amusement parks worth checking out are Adlabs Imagica (Khopoli, Maharashtra), Kingdom of Dreams (Gurgaon, Haryana) and Essel World (Mumbai, Maharashtra), apart from others.

  • Stay a tree house

Tree houses have always fascinated us as children, and even as adults. They are a world of their own, away from the happenings of the world below. Modern tree houses, though, are self-contained luxurious abodes which allow you to live out your fantasy in the most luxurious manner possible. Some of the famous tree houses are, The Machan – Maharashtra, The Rainforest Resort – Kerala and The Tree House Hideaway – Bandhavgarh, besides many others.

  • Waterfalls

When you plan your family holiday packages in India, make sure to visit the spectacular waterfalls in the country. Cutting through the mountains and cascading down the rocks before falling with a ferocity, they present a spectacular sight. While some hold the distinction of being the highest, others capture one’s attention with their intensity. Some of the most impressive waterfalls in India are Nohkalikai Falls – Meghalaya, Nohsngithiang Falls – Meghalaya, Jog Falls – Karnataka, Athirappilly Falls – Kerala.

  • Visit Hill Stations

Hill stations can be one of the most delightful places to visit in India. Not only do they provide an escape from the sweltering heat of the summers, but are even more beautiful during the winters. At several of these hill stations, the remnants of colonial legacy are clearly visible. Taking a leisurely stroll, enjoying a ropeway ride and losing yourself in their dreamy aura are some of the activities in store for you upon a visit there. The hill stations worth checking out are Shimla, Darjeeling, Shillong, Manali, Nainital and Dehradun, apart from others.

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