The Best Things To Experience While in Quito

The Best Things To Experience While in Quito
The Best Things To Experience While in Quito. Image source: Pixabay

Quito is the capital of Ecuador and it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the country. Whether you’re admiring the tall mountains, the architecture, or the culture, there is never a dull moment. With so many fascinating things to do where do you start?

Get a Healing

Healers advertise their treatments in the towns and receiving one is a magical experience. You will be offered a choice of treatments that can vary from an immune system boosting to changing your luck. Traditionally, you are expected to be in your underwear as the healer rubs spices and flowers native to Quito all over your body. It is an experience unlike any other as it is exclusive to Ecuador.

The Virgin of Quito

Perhaps the most famous part of Quito is The Virgin of Quito. A towering statue set 10,000 feet above the historic city that is known as the cities guardian angel. The statue depicts the Virgin Mary in a graceful pose, appearing to almost be dancing. It was constructed with 7,000 pieces of aluminum and designed by Agustin De La Herran Matorras in 1976. With impressive expansive wings that adorn her back, it is no wonder the statue is called the guardian angel of Quito.

La Ronda

Explore the historical city of La Ronda and marvel at the architecture that brings you back in time. Filled with little shops and plenty of opportunities to buy souvenirs, this car-free town is the perfect place to stop. Walk along the cobblestone streets and listen to the musicians that play as you walk past. Bustling with nightlife this is the ideal destination for those who like to have a good time. Enjoy an alcoholic cider that is a tradition in the Ecuadorian nightlife.

Plaza San Francesco

With a beautiful view of the Pichincha volcano and the oldest church in the country of Ecuador, the Plaza San Francesco is a must-see stop for all visitors. The Plaza is said to be built on top of an ancient Incan temple making it one of the most spiritual sites in the country of Ecuador. While you’re there enjoy a free tour in Quito and have its rich history of the city explained to you.

Best Time to Go

Natives of Quito will tell you that there are four seasons in one day. Rainy mornings, warm afternoons, and chilly nights make up the cities weather. Between June and September, you can enjoy a drier climate but with more tourists as this is there in season time. May to October is the wet season, but you will be faced with smaller crowds and cheaper prices.

An exciting time to visit is at the end of November when the city is celebrating the crowning of the Queen of Quito. This celebration is called Fiestas De Quito and is celebrated by dancing, singing, and parades. The energy is unlike any other place at this time of the year as live bands play music and the residents of the city come into the streets to party in honor of their Queen.

Visiting the ancient city of Quito is something that should be on your bucket list. With an abundance of culture and an endless amount of places to explore, the city is ideal for everyone. From site seeing The Virgin of Quito, shopping and exciting nightlife in the city of La Ronda, or having a spiritual experience by receiving a healing or visiting the Plaza San Francesco, Quito is waiting for you to come to see all the beauty it holds.