Best Honeymoon Cruises In Europe For Newly Married Couples 2021

Are you still in a dilemma about choosing the right place for your honeymoon? If you plan to travel the whole of Europe but can not fix your mind on any place, then traveling in the luxurious cruises is the best choice for you when you are about to leave the shores and start your fleet journey by the waterway, the one thing repeatedly is in your mind. This sea is big and blue, and we are floating for the life journey. If you want to visit Europe, then you will get multiple options for the top honeymoon cruises. 

But when we are talking about a honeymoon, the first name that comes to our mind is the Royal Caribbean cruises. But do you know apart from the Royal Caribbean Cruises, you will get multiple options of choice? Some of the romantic honeymoon cruises’ core companies are Royal Caribbean, and they offer the same type of facility and luxury.  

All Caribbean sea traveling cruises are offering exclusive romantic packages for all newlywed couples. Even some of them also offer you a boat wedding ceremony. If you want to get married in the fleet, then there is an excellent opportunity for you. So leave the dilemma and make a plan to travel in the sea. 

Top 4 Romantic Cruises In 2021

When we talk about the romantic cruises 2021, these four cruises get most of the couple’s attention. The list is small, but you will get the whole idea about the cruises and the cruises’ travel routes.

1. Avalon Waterways

Do you have a soul who loves historical ambiance? If you want to enjoy beautiful Switzerland and feel the intimacy of the European cities. Then this is the perfect honeymoon cruise for you. The romantic Avalon Waterways is showing you the most beautiful and historic castle in Europe.

Just think of it in that way one day, the king and the queen were traveling in the sea just like you. The romantic feelings and the cruise’s luxurious lifestyle allow you to enjoy yourself like a real king and queen.

The romantic candle lights are just glimmering on your partner’s eyes and then you feel like a heaven on the sea. The luxury is all over the place. The silence of the dining room will break with the small sound of the champagne cork opener. The professional butler is serving the glass while wearing the snow-white gloves. The luxury cruise rooms each have a personal balcony. Whare, you can enjoy the castle view from holding the hands of your sweetheart.

Travel Route: 

  • Historical Rivers routes, the North Sea, and the Black Sea routes are most famous among all.
  • The English Channel to the Mediterranean Sea
  • You can explore the South American banks of the sea.
  • You can choose the south Asian sea travel roots and enjoy the heritage sea travel route on the Nile on the bank of Egypt.

2. Crystal Cruises

Maybe the cruise name is Crystal Cruises, but the facility and the luxury give you the Diamond feeling. They have the luxury tailored honeymoon package with the facility of the six-star services. If you want to visit the whole of Europe with luxury, then it will be the best choice for you. The Crystal Cruises visits almost 20 European Nations. 

They are just magnificent when we are talking about the services. The fitness centers and the spa and the room service these three services are all six start services. 

They offer yacht livings, which are just best for any romantic couple. Only 31 yacht suits are available onboard, and if you are among them, then you will get almost two staff members for each of the passengers on board.

After your big day, if you do not have much more time to spend a long time on the honeymoon. Then the European river traveling pans is the best option for you. The river riding on the cruises is less adventurous than sea traveling. The major European cities will be covered by their tour plan. You also get the 24 hours all time available butler services on the cruises.

Travel Route:

Crystal Cruises have a variety of travel scheduling and the destinations plan as per the customer’s preferences.

  • Africa 
  • Alaska
  • Newlands
  • Panama Canal 
  • The Caribbean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • European River, Southeast Asia, US West Coast.

3. Norwegian Cruise Line

If we are talking about the romantic cruises 2021, then the list is quite incomplete without taking the name of the Norwegian Cruise Line. When are you on your honeymoon? What are your expectations? After spending a romantic night with your loving partner? Rather than breakfast in bed. 

They are famous for their large range of gourmet cuisine. The world-class delicacy and the romantic approach will melt your heart. They are offering their best services to the newlyweds couples. 

Norwegian Cruise Lines are the most experienced cruises who are specialized in any type of romantic honeymoon packages. If you want to enjoy the California city capital, there are many things to do in Sacramento while traveling in the American River.

Travel Route: 

  • Africa
  • Alaska
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Bahamas, Bermuda, the Caribbean, the Panama Canal
  • European river
  • Hawaii and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Mexico, The Orient, and the U.S Westcoast

4. Silversea Cruises

Feel the luxury in a small and cozy environment and enjoy their personalized services. This cruise is smaller in size but who needs a big cruise when you are about to spend your romantic time with your special person after the bday. This cruise has almost 600 passengers capacity. 

Silversea Cruises is the best romantic cruise for newlywed couples. The feeling of romanticism and intimacy will grow stronger when you dance together in the dance classes.

The beautiful dining room is glimmering with beautiful chandeliers. The grand casino is the main attraction of this cruise. 

You will get your own personal butler service if you choose the ocean view rooms. The beautiful large grand casino is just looking magnificent when you are entering from their big entrance. The big chandeliers are just glimmering on you when you are dining with your life partner. The beautiful lights and cozy environments just work for any couple who needs a cozy and romantic on board traveling.

Travel Route: 

  • The cruise will travel the Greek Island, including Lisbon and Barcelona.
  • Choose Silversea’s Northern Europe Cruises.  And you will get the experience of traveling to the most desired destinations of any romantic honeymoon couple like Dublin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and London.


After trying countless options, you can choose, but it is guaranteed that if you choose the honeymoon cruises to enjoy your special moments, that will be the best choice and will work on the more favorable side of love life. These four top romantic cruises will refresh the mind of newly married couples forever. They will always remember their memorable honeymoon destination throughout their whole life. It will be a remarkable moment for them as they are going to start their romantic married life. 


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