Where to have the best Aussie Christmas in Sydney

From the warm weather to people talking about the upcoming Sydney Festival, the Christmas season in Sydney may not give you the typical Christmassy vibes as you would expect. However, there are a few things the Aussies have been known to do during Christmas such as boarding a Christmas cruise in Sydney or watching the famous yacht race on Boxing Day. 

December excites the Sydneysiders mostly because it brings them summer and Christmas, nevertheless, comes in at a close second. People love going on vacations and cruising is one of the top-picks by the locals and tourists alike. The cruises are in fact one of the best Christmas party venues you’ll find in Sydney. With excellent restaurant-style meals served with drinks, scintillating views of the iconic attractions in Sydney Harbour and unlimited entertainment, Christmas cruises are a favourite pick among people. You may even choose the famous glass boat on Sydney Harbour for throwing a Christmas party with a spell of luxury. The famous yacht race from Sydney to Hobart that happens on the Boxing Day is another event you don’t want to miss out during this time of the year. Get the best front-row views of the start of the race from one of these cruises on Sydney Harbour. 

December is the best time to visit Sydney’s breathtakingly beautiful coastlines. You may come across Christmas parties happening on these beaches. Join the santa-capped multitudes on the white sandy beaches to celebrate Christmas the Aussie way. Although sunbathing on the beach with the smell of barbeque snags in the air might not be quite a picture you’d imagine for Christmas, in Sydney you’ll come around to enjoy it for its unique festive vibes including Santa Claus in summer clothes. As quirky as it sounds, celebrating Christmas on a beach in Sydney is one of those things that should be on your things-to-do-before-I-die list. 

Another exciting way to celebrate your Christmas in Sydney would be to visit one of those shady underground Christmas parties. Yes, it’s illegal, but do you care as much as the fun you’d be a part of? These underground Christmas rave parties can pop anywhere on a Christmas Eve and are organised remotely. So the only way you’d hear about these would be through the people on the street or if there’s luck, through secret groups on social media. From getting high on laughing gas(or ‘nangs’ as it’s known locally) to dancing all-night in a dark, dingy but sprightly environment will make you feel extra special because it’s discreet.  

It would be fair to assume you’ve been daring and adventurous if you say you’ve had a memorable Christmas in Sydney; a story to tell the kids perhaps! So if you happen to be in Sydney for Christmas, don’t just stay back home for a traditional Christmas. Rather, celebrate it the Aussie way for an unforgettable experience.