The Travel Vogue in Perth

The Travel Vogue in Perth
The Travel Vogue in Perth. Image source: Pixabay

Perth—the largest city in Western Australia, is de facto one of the most visited places by travellers around the world. Tucked in a cusp between the Indian Ocean and the Australian outback, Perth is an isolated city albeit being one of the most happening places in Australia. The Swan River that flows through the city against its picturesque cityscape is a major attraction among the tourists. Now imagine cruise dining along this river on a peaceful sojourn. It’s a dream and Perth Lunch Cruises will bring it to life for you.

Perth Lunch cruises promise an unforgettable escapade into the azure waters of Swan River while offering you mesmerising spectacles of the city. And as a matter of fact, an elaborate lunch cruise experience at Perth  should definitely be in your bucket-list if you’re in the city. Hop on board one of these beauties if you wish for a fun-filled day awaiting adventures and also if you wish to learn more about the historical being of the extraordinary city. These cruises will give you scenic glimpses of the city’s beautiful skyline against the calm waters dotted by gondolas and other vessels. Typically, most of the cruises plying on the Swan River serve wine and allow you to experience an exciting wine tasting session. A well-equipped bar on board that serves an exquisite selection of wines, beer and chardonnay is indeed a highlight. And to spice things up even more, there are cruises that take you all the way to the Sandalford Estate winery for a behind-the-scenes tour. Exciting much? But there’s more. Enjoy a delicious, high-end lunch of your choice and style which is carefully prepared by experienced chefs on board. Be it a banquet, a buffet or a 3-course meal, Perth Lunch Cruises can accommodate all your food interests, including desserts. The cruises also serve a variety of snacks throughout the course of the trip and that is to say, you won’t leave the cruise feeling hungry, probably until the next morning. Also for the uninitiated, there is a 7-hour long cruise that takes you to Mandoon Estate, an acclaimed wine-estate in Perth, wherein you’ll be served your delicious lunch alongside premium drinks or soft drinks from the Homestead Brewery. But hey, let’s not make the trip just about food. An informative commentary by the host spanning the course of the cruise will guide you through the stories and facts about the historical town of Fremantle. For people who love adventures and fishing, Perth Lunch Cruises offer you a chance to experience the act of crayfishing under the guidance of an experienced crew on a purpose-built vessel. These cruises are also specialised in seafood and will treat you to a delectable variety of seafood for lunch.

A friendly crew on board is yet another delight about Perth Lunch Cruises, who are pledged to keep their guests entertained and happy. Some are even known to perform live for the guests and how much better can it get!? Don’t forget to click some amazing photographs of the landscapes and the breathtaking city skylines before you step down from the cruise. Return home with fresh memories made and fresher dreams for life, because that’s your promised reward after a lunch cruise experience in Perth. So why the wait? Choose your perfect fix for an unforgettable day in this magnificent city right away!

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