Never Ending Wonders explored with top Phillip Island tours from Melbourne

Never Ending Wonders explored with top Phillip Island tours from Melbourne
Never Ending Wonders explored with top Phillip Island tours from Melbourne

An Island Full Of Wonders!

If you’re in Melbourne and looking for places to go to, there’s one name that ought to clearly be in your listing. This destination is rightfully a hot spot and there exist very few locations in Australia that offer an assortment of attractions like Phillip Island does. This stunning island paradise near Melbourne provides more than intriguing sightseeing day tours, and the list will definitely wonder you. From coastal cruises on pristine white seashores to biking throughout the stunning landscape, there’s certainly something for all.

Say Hi to the prettiest penguins on earth

Most famous among the list of factors to do in Melbourne is tour to the Phillip Island. Every day, lots of tiny penguins make their way from the sea, waddling across the sand to their burrows. On your Phillip Island penguin parade tour, you may get to look them from a deferential distance. Truly a sight to behold, this event in all its purity is certain to position a grin on a person’s face.

To visit the Phillip Island for just its penguin tour would certainly be unfair, more often these cute penguins completely outshines other attractions on the island.

There are so many absurdly random things to do and see on this island like a visit to “track racing at an International race course”, “hand-feeding Kangaroos” and so on. People are probably going to question your rationality but that shouldn’t stop you from doing so, should it? So here are a few other Phillip Island tours  that you can be a part of before heading to see the penguins and sunset.

Get ready for some Hi-Octane revs

Phillip Island is home to the yearly Australian Grand Prix! This circuit is taken into consideration to be one of the magnificent venues on the Grand Prix calendar. Yes you heard it right! So have a go at the track yourself or perhaps take a go-kart for a spin at a smaller replica of the same track! It’s up to you! Once done with burning rubber, you can buy a souvenir from the gift shop to take home!

Discover seaside villages such as San Remo

Go for fishing yourself or watch fishermen unload their everyday catch. Make your appetite happy at some of the good restaurants and cafés at these villages and refresh yourself by indulging in great beach time and activities! You can also go for a surf or get some sun on your skin here.

Get close to nature at an animal park

Get closer Maru Koalas and other native beings on this island at the Animal Park! There are many tours that offer opportunities such as hand-feeding the furry animals and clicking pictures while holding koalas, so make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Enjoy every bit of this marvellous island on sightseeing day tours from Melbourne. Welcoming beds, fresh food, scenic excursion houses, award-winning wineries, camping spots and much more await you at the splendid phillip island.

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