Getting along with the Southern Paradise

Hobart Harbor Sunrise
Hobart Harbor Sunrise. Image source: Pixabay

Characterised by a wealth of natural attractions, culture, history and a lot more, Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania, is one of the must-visit places on the continent. Surrounded by the waters of River Derwent, Hobart is an ideal spot for cruise adventures. To get the most ideal and picturesque water views and a sense of life and culture in Hobart, hop on board a Hobart Dinner Cruise or Hobart Lunch Cruise which is sure to amaze. 

Also, If you haven’t yet travelled to this part of the country, here’s a sneak-peak on the major tourist attractions at Hobart. Tucked away in isolation from the mainland, South to Melbourne, is this capital state of Tasmania, ideally clouted for its food and art scenes, breathtaking coastlines and its looming stint with history. From 2-hour sightseeing tours to elaborate 5-hour cruise trips, the lunch cruises and dinner cruises in Hobart have gained traction among the tourists for their irresistible packages. A cruise trip in Hobart is indeed luxury defined which lets you indulge in the best of everything a cruise trip has to offer. As you elegantly sail along River Derwent, the captain’s informative commentary that spans the course of your cruise trip will help you learn more about the island and its attractions. A delectable course meal is, hands-down, the best thing about these trips and it is sure to get you hooked! Make unforgettable food memories by indulging in the finest culinary experience brought to you by the chefs on board. Enjoy a banquet-style course meal specially prepared by experienced chefs on board in the ambient surroundings of the island. 

One of the most memorable and attractive tours offered by Hobart Lunch Cruises would be the Wineglass Bay Cruise which takes you to one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. At Wineglass Bay, enjoy the panoramic views of the ocean from the crescent-shaped shore where the turquoise blue waters flirt with the white sands at your feet—an unforgettable visual treat! A Hobart lunch cruise is also an opportunity to explore the wildlife in the area such as the gargantuan whales, the majestic seagulls and playful dolphins. Seals and penguins are also among the common sightings in the area.  Now, you may choose a dinner cruise in Hobart to experience the roving night views of the island or for a straight-outta-movie romantic experience. This dinner cruise—synonymous with luxury—could also be your ticket to off-board experiences that range from wine tasting at one of the local cellars and chances to exploring the finest flavours at some of the famous food centres in the area. Don’t just get drunk by the mesmerising sights, because onboard these splendid vessels, help yourself to a selection of exquisite wines and drinks. The friendly staff on the cruise would be an added joy as they promise to keep you entertained throughout the trip.

Now, whether or not you think you’re photogenic, cruise trips are often an excellent opportunity to capture your happiest memories. So, get the perfect shots on your phone or camera as your cruise majestically glides past some of the most elegant landscapes you’ll ever see in your life. As your trip comes to an end, you’ll probably feel sad it ended. But hey, you can always come back for more!

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