Don’t Miss On The Field Of Lights!

Uluru… a land of mystic beauty that touches the heart and soul of all who visit! Colourful landscapes, scenic sunsets and rich culture withstanding one would imagine that a man-made attraction would not find a place in this heart of Red Centre.

Breaking this perception, Bruce Munro set up an immersive installation, Field of Light on April 2016! Not only was this exhibition highly-acclaimed internationally, it also complemented views of Uluru sunrise perfectly! So much so that, the attraction which was to be closed down by March 2018 was further extended to December 2020 on popular demand! If you were wondering why Field of Light tops in a list of Uluru day tours, read on and you’ll know the answer!

Though the idea was conceived by the British artist way back in 1992, it only came to fruition by mid-2016. An undoubtedly stand-out tourist destination, Field of Light comprises of not one but 50,000 slender stems topped by radiant glass spheres spread out over an area of over nine football fields.

Munro implemented solar technology and connected the spheres to optical fibre which automatically illuminate once darkness falls over. As a result, the entire field lights up, adding to the spiritual experience one goes through when visiting this place.

Known as Tili Wiru Tjuta Nyakutjaku or ‘looking at lots of beautiful lights’ in local Pitjantjatjara tongue, this art installation is just not Munro’s largest installation till date but also his dream ever since his time in Australia. Also, it’s his first to be entirely illuminated using solar power.

With over 20,000 guests visiting and experiencing this unique man-made wonder since its opening, there’s no doubt that it was popular demand that triggered the extension of this attraction, which was strongly backed by Uluru tourism authorities too!

The best way to experience this spectacular view is on an Uluru sunrise day trip from Kings Canyon or Alice Springs that takes you to this hotspot well-in-advance before the first rays of light hit! Stroll through pathways illuminated by these light installations and explore this unique installation in all its glory! Once done, your tour guide will lead you to a well-chosen dune top viewing spot which offers sweeping views of both Kata Tjuta and Uluru alongside that of the Field of Light!

See the sun go up and the first rays wash over the ancient rock structures, bringing with it a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns, all painted by nature’s own hands. As the sky starts to light up, you’ll witness how the light of the glass spheres gradually dim in comparison and offer a vision to behold! Not to mention the astounding photo opportunities that you get all around you!

So, visit Field of Light and Uluru and make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Hurry up before the attraction closes down and you miss on it completely! It is without doubt one sightseeing tour in Uluru that is a bucket-list favourite with tourists and locals alike!

P.S: When talking of attractions closing down soon, one more Uluru activity that will not be available soon is the Uluru Climb. Visitors will not be able to climb Uluru from 26 October 2019, marking the day Uluru was officially returned to its traditional owners.