6 WaysTo Fit With The Aussie Locals This Summer

6 WaysTo Fit With The Aussie Locals This Summer
6 WaysTo Fit With The Aussie Locals This Summer

Headed to Australia? Some might think that it’s all about the beach and outback! But to really get to know the place, you need to find out what the locals do! So grab a pen and find out some things that locals get up to during summer down under!

Live the Life of Luxury

I bet you’ve heard that Australia is expensive. We have found that food is slightly pricier than the US but accommodation is where it will sting you! Most places you will be looking at least $50 a night in an Airbnb. That why you should try house sitting! It allows you to care for animals (some of the time) and stay in some absolutely beautiful locations. Everything from apartments overlooking Bondi beach to penthouses in the Gold Coast.

It may seem like an outrageous idea, however, the demand for this is hot! To get started you need to find the sits, head over to the best house sitting sites so you can make an informed decision. It may be worth looking at this Trusted House Sitter review as it is one of the most popular platforms worldwide.

Have A BBQ With The Locals!

Any time of the year you will see Aussies lighting up the BBQ. One of the best spots to have one is down the northern end of Bondi beach on a grassy knoll overlooking the beach. Head to your local Bunnings and pick up one of the best gas smokers and you will be ready to cook!

You will find a large group of locals down here of a Saturday and Sunday, to enjoy the sunset as well as drink, eat and chat.  You find that with all BBQs there are a lot of beers going around so make sure you always follow gas smoker safety or you may be jumping on that plane home a little bit earlier.

Head Along The Cliffs For A Stunning Walk!

Escape the hordes of tourists on Bondi beach and head out for a stunning walk. There is a track from Bondi to Coogee which is picture perfect. If you find that the extra seafood, lattes & beers are getting to your waistline, this 6 km walk help you burn it off!

Along the way, there are hidden beach, rock pools & parks to stop, rest and admire the view. A majority of the walk is cliffside but don’t stress it is perfectly safe! We recommend finishing the walk off with a true blue Aussie lunch, fish and chips!

Slip Off Your Shoes, Grab A Drink & Play With The Locals

Aussie love their sports! From rugby to AFL & tennis! However this one isn’t as demanding on the body, it is more used as a get together for a beer and laugh. Originally reserved for our senior citizens, bowls clubs have seen a huge rise in participation.

It has become one of the summer activities of choice for many young Aussie. Most likely due to the ease and relaxed atmosphere. All you need to do is slip off your thongs, pick up a drink and try not to let the alcohol affect your bowls!

Time to Try The Best Coffee in Australia (or the World!)

Melbourne is world renowned for their coffee culture & Melburnians take it as seriously as their sports. Once you visit you will understand the saying “Bordeaux is to wine as is Melbourne to coffee”! This culture stems from the large migration of Greek & Italian communities, who brought it with them in the 1930s. Head to Lygon St in Melbourne and you won’t find any shortage outstandings cafes.

Check Out The Beautiful Public Transport in Sydney.

Public transportation is always the best option when in Sydney, especially because most of it is on the water! You will see that it is quicker for most residents to catch the local ferries to work. It is also a cheap and beautiful way to see the city and the harbor!

If you jump on the Manly ferry, starting out at Circular Quay you get to experience a wonderful journey. The 30-minute trip will take you right past the home of our Prime Minister (Kirribilli House) than under the harbor bridge, past the Sydney Opera House and around to the Manly Esplanade. Here we recommend grabbing a beer at one of the beachfront bars.

There is much more to explore in Australia then the beaches and outback. So just ditch the tour bus and try out some of the activities the locals get up to, it really is the best way to experience our beautiful summertime!

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