9 Greatest & Worst Type of Stag Party Getaways in Europe

9 Greatest & Worst Type of Stag Party Getaways in Europe
9 Greatest & Worst Type of Stag Party Getaways in Europe

There are a lot of stag party getaways in Europe. Many offer a great experience that helps to capture the essence of celebration and give the groom a suitable send-off to married life. Some are not so great. You do tend to get locations and activities which are not ideal. 

To try and help you to either draw inspiration or stop yourself from making a mistake, we’re taking a look at some of the greatest and worst getaways in Europe for stag parties. 

Prague, Czech Republic 

The first destination on our list is Prague, which serves as a good place for a stag party getaway. There’s a lot to appreciate here – nightlife in abundance, inexpensive alcohol, and affordable accommodation. It’s the right choice for people who are trying to avoid breaking the bank when they go abroad for a stag party. 

Barcelona, Spain

While this may seem like an ideal destination for the stag party, you’d be surprised to know that Barcelona is one of the less attractive realities. On the plus side, there is a lot to do and plenty of drink. On the other hand, tourists and drunken lads on a getaway are prime targets for pickpockets, some women masquerade as friendly and approachable for much the same goal, and there have been reports of Spanish authorities being less than gentle with drunk and disorderly. 

London, England

Who said that you necessarily have to go out of the country for a getaway? We’re still part of the EU as of 2019. London is the cultural capital of England and always offers a lot for a stag party, and companies like Celebrate Just Right operate everywhere and can help you to get some pretty good entertainment.

Amsterdam, Holland

Alcohol, recreational drugs and an area of adult entertainment – Amsterdam has it all. Just make sure you’re safe when you travel there – too many substances can hurt the body. 

Berlin, Germany 

Berlin is a good place for people who feel like they want a safe enough place to get away with the lads, offering accommodation and plenty of beer. 

Hamburg, Germany

Another good location is Hamburg. Like Berlin, it’s safe and easy to find lodgings in, but at the same time isn’t expensive. 

Krakow, Poland

Krakow is good for a fun place to spend time and get away from it all. However, it’s not the best place for a stag getaway – the authorities don’t like drunk people out and shout in the streets, especially tourists. 

Bratislava, Slovakia

The food is good, the alcohol is cheap and the accommodation is reasonable, but if you’re after a good nightlife then you should probably go somewhere else. 

Tallinn, Estonia

There’s plenty to do, a lot of alcohol and good activities both in the daytime and the evening – Tallinn is a good choice for a stag party getaway. 

To summarize, these are just a few of the different options that you have available to you when it comes to a stag party getaway. We all want to go somewhere abroad and enjoy ourselves, but at the same time, we don’t want to break the bank too much or stumble into somewhere which is heavy on crime. These places represent the best and the worst of European destinations. As you can see, that is at least a consistent level of quality, although a spectrum is present and does alter how you’ll experience different places. Regardless of where you choose to go, you should make sure that you plan and give people adequate prep time, so that as many people can attend your stag party as possible and you can have the best experience before you get married.

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