The Top Most Luxurious Beaches in the World

The Top Most Luxurious Beaches in the World
The Top Most Luxurious Beaches in the World

There are countless beaches out there and determining the top six beaches is a herculean task because of the reason that the beaches undergo changes with season and climate. Beach is one of the places where people can both enjoy and can witness the spectacular beauty of nature. Also, the factors based on which the beaches should be ranked is also hard to determine.

Camps Bay Beach – Cape Town, South Africa

It is a stunning wide arc of sand located on the Atlantic and it is just seven minutes from Cape Town. One of the reasons for this beach to top the list is the presence of Twelve Apostles mountain range nearby it. Most of the restaurants here offer magnificent views.

Horseshoe Bay Beach – Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach is celebrated for its shape and cliffs nearby the shore. During cooler months of the year, the beach is acclaimed by the visitors and photos of its pale-pink sand go viral now and then. Lots of cruise ships can be seen in the port as people from all over the world come here.

Pampelonne Beach – Saint – Tropez, France

Visitors to Pampelonne Beach can find a lot of beach clubs, huge yachts, sports cars, luxurious sunglasses and many more. Almost all the things which are present in French Rivera can be found here. This beach has even featured in “And God Created Woman” movie which was released in 1955.

Ipanema Beach – Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro has two treasures – Ipanema beach and Copacabana beach. The sand here is pale gold in colour and it also has famous emerald peaks called as Two Brothers. It is a great place to spend the afternoon time as the breezes from the water stimulate great feelings.

Makena Beach – Maui, Hawaii

Maui is a noteworthy island as it has many beaches. The popular ones are Kihei and Wailea beaches where an ample number of resorts can be found. Proceeding further one could find Makena beach which is called locally as Big Beach. It has golden sand for about 1 ½ mile stretch and, great views of Kahoolawe island and the Molokini Crater is possible from the sandy beach.

Trunk Bay Beach – St. John, U.S Virgin Islands

Trunk Bay Beach is one of the best magnificent spots for snorkelling as it comprises a 225-yard underwater snorkelling trail. People can also find the essential gear for snorkelling trail here. The most recommended time is in the morning as the water stays somewhat calm.

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