Ideas for Family Vacation In Summer 2019

Camps Bay, South Africa. Photo: Pixabay
Camps Bay, South Africa. Photo: Pixabay

Planning a vacation in advance is the smart and wise way of doing things. It gives you plenty of time to browse through air tickets, accommodation options and get cheaper deals on the same. Summer is just few months away so you should start planning now. There is plenty to do in and around Cape Town with your kids and if you’re wondering what to plan with your kids for the summer of 2019, then here are some ideas for a family vacation.

1. A Beach Vacation

What’s better than splashing around some cool water in the hot summer weather? Take your kids for a beach vacation to one of the many beaches that Cape Town is proud of like Camps Bay beach, Boulders beach etc. If you and your kids want to have some fun surfing, then Surfers beach would be your best choice. Even better would be spending a week or more just living on the beach which can be possible with Cape Town Beach Villas where you and your kids can experience the luxury beach house life, making it the perfect summer vacation plan.

2. Farm Day

Take your kids out for a day at the Imhoff farm in Kommetjie. It’s going to be a great outdoor activity for the kids where they can play laser tag, paintball and enjoy the fresh breeze. They can also enjoy camel rides at this farm, check out reptiles at the snake park here and also enjoy feeding the ducks and goats at the Higgeldy Piggeldy. While the kids are feeding the ducks and goats, the parents can feed themselves at the Blue Water Cafe. You can get your kids to this farm multiple times in a month, or more, long summer vacation. This will also be a learning experience for them.

3. Adventure Park

You can take your kids to the Acrobranch adventure park which is full of adventures for you and your kids. The Acro-twigs course is just what your kids need this summer. The obstacle courses come with safety guides on the sites, so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting injured or hurting themselves. The course will test their skills, abilities and they will have the time of their lives. If kids are going to have loads of fun, why should the adults be left behind? Enjoy the wine estates at the Constantia Winelands and make it fun for the parents as well.

4. A Summer of Art

Enroll yourself and your kids in an art holiday programme at Artjamming which is going to be extremely creatively stimulating for the kids and great fun for the adults too. Children of all ages can enroll themselves in the programme and the adults can accompany them. It’s not only going to be a lot of fun for everyone but will also be a great family bonding activity for the summer with the kids. It’s a great activity to get the kids to use their imagination and practice their drawing and painting skills. For the parents as well, it’s a great hobby to refresh your mind and take a small break from the daily monotonous life.


Summer vacations is the time that kids are home and you can spend the maximum time with them. Even though you may not have a month long break from work like your kids do, it is important that you take out time to spend and bond with them. So if you’re wondering what to do with your kids this coming summer, you can choose from any of the options above and be rest assured that your kids are going to have a good time with you.