Pilanesberg big 5 Safari destination South Africa

Pilanesberg big 5 Safari destination South Africa
Pilanesberg big 5 Safari destination South Africa

For safari near Johannesburg

Are you planning on visiting South Africa and going on safari…

You have probably heard about Kruger National Park…but is it really that good… I mean it gets 1.8million visitors a year it must be the place to go to or not… Yes, 1.8million people are planning to visit the Kruger and the number is growing every year. I’ve returned to South Africa to come and live in the bush and to work as a Safari Tour Operator and have practically been living in the Kruger for the past 2 years and have mixed feelings. There have been days in the Kruger that was great, but when you’re stuck in traffic in a 2million hectare national park you have to start asking yourself some questions. Is this really where I want to be, is there somewhere that’s better…

The question is what Safari Experience do you want…


The greatest safari wilderness experience in South Africa still waiting to be discovered.

I Douglas Carr have packed up and moved from the Kruger to the urban jungle of Johannesburg and no it’s not where I want to live, but I have discovered my Africa and it’s only 2.5 hours drive from Johannesburg.

Pilanesberg Game Reserve

Pilanesberg is one of South Africa’s Provincial Parks, it’s a fifth of the Kruger only 55 000 hectares and only 200km of roads, but the greatest thing about is you will practically be alone on safari. It’s quite and you can really enjoy the experience. You can just sit back and truly watch nature as animals roam freely as they go by their business of being wild animals.

Once you get to the Kruger you’ll immediately be in a line of cars and when you drive or been driven you will be overtaken by other cars. Some people are rushing to get to work and some to get home others have heard about a sighting and are rushing to get there and they are not focused on the experience, they are not in a relaxed state of mind and that’s why I have left the Kruger as that’s not the experiences I want to experience.


Now I still get up around 5 am, but around 8:30 I enter a different world a world that is standing still a world that I’ve just discovered, but the best part of this world is that it’s the same every day I get there. Yes, when you’re on safari in Pilanesberg you shouldn’t be surprised when you don’t see another car for 3 – 4 hours and when you find the lions and after an hour with them, you’re still the only car. This is the kind of experiences I want to experience.

On a safari with me African Memory it’s about making memories and experiencing Africa in a different way. With African Memory your Pilanesberg safari will be a wilderness experience.

I only offer small private safaris to individuals or people that know each other. On entering Pilanesberg I stop at a dam where it’s save to get out of the car to enjoy a cup of coffee and one of South Africa’s traditional snacks “rusks” Rusks are like dried bread we dip in our coffee, don’t try to eat it dry you might damage your teeth.


We continue our game drive through this amazing breath taking wilderness to one of my favorite spots in the park on a mountain over looking the park where we stop for lunch.

A traditional South African bush braai. Yes, you haven’t been on safari if you haven’t sat around a fire and enjoyed one of safaris best traditions.


Yes, you can go to a restaurant anywhere in the world, but where can you make a fire in the middle of the bush surrounded by nature and wildlife, be completely alone and enjoy a traditional braai (bbq). Yes, you’re right you can only have this experience with me on African Memory on safari in Pilanesberg.

Pilanesberg Game Reserve is based on a world-famous volcanic site. Volcanic eruptions from 1300mil to 2000mil years ago created this landscape and a result of all the volcanic eruptions during that time have left a lot of nutrients in the ground, which is why theirs a big variety of vegetation in Pilanesberg. Vegetation yes I know you’re not interested in that, but because of that fact, Pilanesberg is the one park in Africa that’s home to the largest variety of mammal species in one park in Africa.


Red Hartebeest, Eland, Springbok, Waterbuck, Brown Hyena, Spotted Hyena, is just a few to mention besides from the big 5 Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant, and Buffalo.

For a great safari, wilderness experience chooses Pilanesberg safari from Johannesburg with African Memory.

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