Top Five Kayak Adventures Places In Africa

Top Five Kayak Adventures Places In Africa
Top Five Kayak Adventures Places In Africa

One of the most enjoyable activity while in the water is Kayaking. It’s basically an activity where you get to explore and adventure the nature of the environment near the waters. Africa has numerous kayaking places where you can enjoy the waters with a group of people together.

Kayaking can be done using canoes, boats and even ships.

Kayaking in Africa begun very many years ago and has gained popularity over the years and it has become a major tourist attraction activity in many African countries. Due to the many Kayak water spots in Africa, tourists are coming in huge numbers to enjoy themselves.

Here are the top five Kayak Adventures Place in Africa:

1. ISimangaliso Wetland Park Located in South Africa

It’s also called St Lucia. In Westland Park, there is a large water body where you can go paddling in a Kayak and enjoy the view of different hippos and crocodiles in the water. You will enjoy the paddling as you get chased by these beautiful animals and even sharks. Apart from that, you will enjoy watching the colorful birds in the waters. There are numerous nests hanging in the trees along the water banks and different types of birds that you can watch all day.

2. Cape MacClear Reserve in Malawi

The place is popularly known because of its wide ecosystems like bays, forests and many islands. There is a beach which has clear water for your Kayak. You will relax as the sun heats you up. While in the waters, you will get to enjoy the view of different types of fish. You can also engage in Kayaking sports in the still waters. You can also explore the different types of wild animals when still in the water.

3. Selinda Spillway in Botswana Selinda

Spillway is a very old waterway that joins together the delta of Okavango and Linyanti Swamps. The most exciting and amazing thing about it all is that the water here flows in two directions because of the difference in the levels of the water. In this place, kayakers can come across different types of wild species that stay in this reserve. Some of the animals that you can see while kayaking on the spillway are herds of buffalos, wildebeests, elephants, antelopes, zebras, lions and even the leopards.

4. Zambezi National Park in Zimbabwe

This national park is found upstream of the Zambezi river and is a favorite place for people who love water activities such as kayaking. While paddling your kayak in the waters, you will get to see the beautiful vegetation around the water banks such as water berries, acacia, ebonies, and even the palms. Apart from the beauty of the vegetation, in the pristine bushes, you can have chances to see hippos, giraffes, elephants, impalas and also there are many different types of birds that you can watch. During the night, you can camp in the riverside or also engage in the cold water kayaking sports for some hours.

5. Quirimbas Archipelago National Park located in Mozambique

The national park has many islands including the Quirimbas Archipelago Island which is very popular for people who want to go kayaking. The island is surrounded by water that is very clear and many beaches that have white sand. As you paddle your kayak, you can explore the numerous islands and the different river estuaries present in this national park. You can also paddle in the mangrove forests and the coral reefs. While kayaking, you can see some wildlife such as lions, leopards, elephants, wild dogs and even some amazing marine life such as dolphins, turtles and different types of fish.

Safety tips that you need to follow when you kayaking.

  • Wear a lifejacket: While you are paddling in the water, an accident may occur and a lifejacket may help you not to sink in the water if you don’t know how to swim.
  • Always go kayaking with a friend or a group: You should have a companion while kayaking who will be your savior in case of an emergency. When you are two or more people, you can watch each other’s backs.
  • Always stay close to one another: This is important in case of an emergency because help will be provided easily.
  • You must always know how to use a Kayak: The use of the kayak is very important especially paddling. You must know how to paddle to avoid getting tired while in the waters.
  • Understand how to get in and out of the kayak: You must practice a lot in the shallow waters before you get to the deep waters.
  • Before start kayaking take a look on motor that build in kayak and ask your kayak owner that is trolling motor working good withour any problem? Check this post to know what is criteria of good trolling motor and the benefits of using trolling motor for kayak.

These are the top five Kayak Adventures Place in Africa where every kayaker should long to visit and get to enjoy the African nature and other activities in these destinations. There are also some basic safety tips that you should follow when going kayaking in any place so that your tour can be a success and enjoyable.

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