Skiing in South Africa – here is why that might be a good idea

Skiing in South Africa - here is why that might be a good idea
Skiing in South Africa - here is why that might be a good idea. Photo: Shutterstock (Supplied)

Reasons for going skiing in South Africa

Skiing is an odd sport. Pair of flat and long runners known as skis are attached to shoes. In most events, skiing is seen as a competitive game. However, fun families, friends, and different groups experience when skiing is not measurable. Consider trying it, and you will not regret.

By the mention of skiing, most people think of North America or Australia. However, you may find other interesting spots that will fit your family. Whether you are a pro or a learner in skiing, Skiing in South Africa could be the next spot for you. Besides the actual skiing, you will also have the chance to visit other attractions spots such as wildlife, Bushveld, historical sites, and beaches.

Anyway, where can I go skiing in Africa?

Many people barely think of snow when Africa comes into their minds. The weather condition is the least thought of adventurous people. Nevertheless, some African countries experience snowfall during the winter seasons. The snow is often not very deep for skiing or even snowboarding sports.

However, nations like Morocco and South Africa have ski resorts. The difference is that the winter period differs from the two major skiing nations in Africa. From June to September, South Africa is the right place to ski. In general, for people who want to have an adventure in the December festival period, they should consider Morocco. The resorts in Morocco are the best bet when it comes to on-piste actions. The spots offer high peaks and steep terrain that are excellent for professionals.

Then again, are you longing for the white snow in the middle of July, the country to visit is definitely South Africa. With a handful of ski resort, the skiing in South Africa is on the rise, and with government attention, the ski association have successfully conducted a range of international skiing competitions.

Here is a mentioning of three of the top Skiing Spots in South Africa:

1. Matroosberg

This is the oldest resort when it comes to skiing in the most southern country in Africa. The Resort is located in the Western Cape of South Africa. A slope of two kilometers of the spot offers chances for skiing as well as snowboarding. The net-height of ski resort is 1,289 feet vertically. The actual terrain point is located between altitudes of around 1794 and 2132 meters. The skiing spot covers one thousand hectares of the reserve. Matroosberg offers two ski lifts.

If you are a newbie or consider yourself an intermediate skier, you cannot find other best spots in South Africa than Matroosberg. The terrain in this Resort provides the best condition for the beginners. Safety is guaranteed as the terrain is not very steep. The ski spot has a marked trail of around one point nine kilometers. This provides the perfect trails for beginners. The other one kilometer is appropriate for all intermediates.

Skiing is not the only sport or activity offered in Matroosberg resort. Snowboarding, kloofing hiking, abseiling, ice climbing, and trail running are other activities provided. The skiing hill is a private property that is run by a ski club. Winter sports facilities are offered to members free of charge, whereas non-members will have to pay a fee. The two permanent skis in Matroosberg are schlepp lift designed.

The lift systems are designed in ways that all skiers have their own lift attachment. However, without the lifting attachment, it turns out impossible to use the lifts.

2. Tiffindell

In South Africa, international competitions are held in Tiffindell. The Resort is positioned in Eastern Cape and offers the highest point in all of South Africa. The Resort offers 2,4 kilometers for skiing as well as snowboarding. Transport for skiers is provided in the form of five lifts.

Are you wondering about the peak time of visiting Tiffindell? June to September is the right period. The Resort is located between altitudes of 2,700-2,900 meters above sea level. Tiffindell is 2,3 hectares in size. The Resort is nestled secured in the Ben McDhui Mountain.

Visiting Tiffindell could make your family holiday the best. Tobogganing, building snowmen, and throwing snowball are other activities offered in the Resort apart from skiing. With such games, the spot is good for all people despite their age or sizes.

Tiffendell offers a ski school, equipped with highly experienced and qualified instructors. The experts teach basics in the various activities provided.

3. Afriski

The Resort is the highest skiing spot in South Africa. It is located in Maluti Mountain. The Resort takes the high point of the mountain at the peak, which is 3,223 meters above sea level. The longest slope is nearly one kilometer. In winter periods, snow on the ground is scant, which is neither the best for snowboarding nor skiing.

What to be prepared for when skiing in South Africa?

Skiing in Africa is nothing compared to high-end resorts in North America or Europe. Depending on the African country you choose, infrastructure is limited or even non-existent. Therefore, skiers are advised to be self-sufficient to avoid disappointments.
Nevertheless, when you come prepared in African skiing spots, the activity can be full of fun and hugely rewarding. The sceneries are spectacular, affordable fees compared to other regions, and the places are not crowded. Individuals, families or groups will have ample time with the spacious and open resorts.

Just like in other African nations, South Africa provides other attractive spots to visitors. You can spare time to visit beaches or wildlife after the long skiing day. Africa is known for its numerous attraction points that are the significant luring aspects. The holiday can be fun and full of memories if you decide to blend sporting activities and watching wildlife and historical sites.

Future Plans for South Africa Skiing Scenes

South Africa has made significant strides in making its resorts as the best destinations for skiers. During the winter, the little snow covering the ground is utilized for international competitions in MacDhui Mountain. The growth experienced in recent times is luring Olympic hopefuls in the sporting spots.

According to Peter Pliz, the president of snow sports in South Africa, in the year 2017, the country received over eighty international skiers who came from eighteen different countries during 2017 to compete in international skiing competitions. The president continues to explain the future by saying that South Africa has become a popular alternative to South America as well as New Zealand. The trend of European skiers traveling to popular countries is changing as others are heading to South Africa.

South Africa is brightening its future by offering cost-effective options that are similar to time zones in Europe. Therefore, skiers also don’t lose days while traveling. Besides, the environment-friendly weather offers fantastic snow from June to August.

The futures of skiers from South Africa seem brighter as the competitors gain experience and learn the standards of the competition from the organized events. The international racers provide learning opportunities to the growing locals.

According to the skiing board of South Africa, the upgrade of ski sports will have a deeper impact beyond the actual ski resorts. A general boost in Tourism is another benefit that the nation is expected to gain. And by boosted tourism, job creation will also be achieved.


So, what’s the final verdict when it comes to the skiing industry in South Africa? Well, as mentioned, tourism will benefit from having high-quality skiing in South Africa. With an increased focus on job creation and the spillover effect increased skiing opportunities will have on the economy, there is not a doubt that skiing in South Africa is on the rise.

The infrastructure is always a big hurdle when traveling in Africa. From Cape Town, a two-hour drive is enough to arrive in the Matroosberg skiing spot. As you drive through the Cape Winelands and Bainskloof pass, the surrounding becomes more beautiful as you move along.

For the experienced skier, skiing in either Tiffendell or Afriski can be an extremely interesting discovery. Naturally, the terrain cannot compete with that you may find in Europe or North America, but combined with the possibility of wine tasting or safari trips, one can imagine a very interesting and alternatively ski holiday, which is definitely worth a try!

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