Rishikesh: The Serene Treks In The Holy Land

Rishikesh: The Serene Treks In The Holy Land
Rishikesh: The Serene Treks In The Holy Land

The wondrous landscapes of Rishikesh provide the perfect opportune for you to take out your hiking shoes and embark on a breathtaking walk.

Rishikesh is known for its serene atmosphere and wonderful views that make the perfect backdrop for your little adventures.

The unique part of the treks in Rishikesh is that you can not only embark on a little private guided tour but also all of the treks have a reward at the end. That is, you will either reach a cascading waterfall or a holy temple at the end of the trek.

Here is our pick of some of the most amazing private guided local trekking tour in Rishikesh that will remain in your heart forever:

Waterfall Treks:-

The gushing water of Rishikesh comes cascading down through the nooks of the hills and make for a scenic marvel.

The waterfall treks are not only beautiful for their lovely stream of water, but also for the environment that they are set in. Nestled amid thick forests and gigantic mountains, the mystic just lies in the air.

Here are some of the most magnificent waterfall treks that you can embark on to purify your soul:

Neer Garh Waterfall Trek

A little walk from the famous Lakshman Jhula, followed by a 6 km walk from Tapovan, this trek is nice, sweet and refreshing for the body. The trek is more like a lazy yet intensely refreshing walk through the holy lands of Rishikesh. Wake up early morning and watch as the sun gently touches your cheeks ad guides you to this lovely waterfall that will surely enchant you.

Garud Chatti Waterfall Trek

The is mesmerising waterfall is located about 5 km from Lakshman Jhula and is an exceedingly popular tourist spot. Owing to its breathtaking beauty and the charming trail that leads on to it, this trek is extremely famous.

The journey to the Garud Chatti will take you through lovely scenic avenues and several roadside stalls where you can rest and sip a little tea while enjoying the view. You can also swim in this serene waterfall, making the trek even more rewarding.

Patna Waterfalls Trek

Beyond the thick canopy of the forests, this trek will straight away put you into the lap of nature and make you crave for more and more. The trek takes about 30 min, and as you move forward you will find the lovely scenery unfolding in front of you. This is the kind of trek that keeps giving and giving.

Temple Treks:-

Kunjapuri Temple Trek

This lovely private hike is the centre of the city. One of the most famous temples in Rishikesh, this trek is known for its scintillating sunsets and sunrises. The temple is perched at 1645 m and by itself is a marvel. It is set in front of some of the mist measuring Himalayan beauty, making this temple look even more alluring. To reach here you need to take the road from Narendra Nagar and head up till Hindola Khal. From this location, another 5 km trek will take you up to the temple. You will have to cross serene lush green meadows and little streams to reach this holy place.

You will find a lot of pilgrims and devotees here, as the temple is highly revered. Don’t forget to witness the awe-inspiring sunset and sunrise, both of which brings forth a unique kind of experience.

Neelkanth Mahadev Trek

One of the most famous treks that is undertaken by pilgrims and visitors alike, the Neelkanth Mahadev Trek is one of the holiest, revered, beautiful and powerful treks that you will ever undertake.

The journey to reach the abode of Lord Shiva located at 1330 metres, is breathtaking. Each phase will present you will mesmerising views that’ll keep you motivated throughout the hike. You will witness some eerily enchanting dense forests that are filled with a diverse range of flora and fauna.

Treks Near Rishikesh:-pandavkholi-trek-rishikesh.jpg

Kuari Pass Trek

This enchanting trek was discovered by Viceroy Lord Curzon and consists of trekking through the beautiful town of Auli. IF you want to embark on this trek then try and come here during the winters, when everything is white and pristine. The trek takes about five days to complete and will take you up to an altitude of 4425 m.

Reach Joshimath or Haridwar to begin this trek. As you walk through the winding roads and the frozen glaciers keep your eyes peeled for the stunning views of Mt Kamet, Mt Chaukhamba, Mt Trishul, and Nanda Devi.

Valley Of Flowers Trek

This trek is more like walking into paradise and being greeted by a valley of radiant and vibrant flowers.l You will be starting at Ghangaria base camp and will take the route to the valley that is covered in a rainbow coloured blanket owing to the different species of flowers that are found there.

The Love For Camps:-

Camp Aquaforest

This lovely campsite is intended to give travellers a taste of the true wilderness of Rishikesh. Trek up to here, and experience the majestic nature of Rishikesh as you lie inside this comfortable camp. With adventure activities for days, you can rappel, climb rocks or even go for river rafting from here.

The feeling if trekking up to this point and getting inside the lovely tent to enjoy the true beauty of Rishikesh is surreal.

At Camp Aquaforest, the travellers get to experience the best of the outdoors of Rishikesh. The wonderful environs all enveloped in nature and their swiss tent lying amidst it; you won’t find a better place in Rishikesh to camp. Along with the camp stay, they organize trekking, rappelling, rock climbing, cliff jumping, and river rafting.

There are other camping treks that you can embark on like Camp Rapid fire and Camp Gold Coast. All of these camps will give you something different, making your stay at Rishikesh even more personal and fun.