Uncover hidden gems along the KZN South Coast shoreline with the new Beach-to-Beach Adventure Hike

Uncover hidden gems along the KZN South Coast shoreline with the new Beach-to-Beach Adventure Hike
Uncover hidden gems along the KZN South Coast shoreline with the new Beach-to-Beach Adventure Hike

Uncover the rich heritage, natural beauty, abundant marine life and iconic birdlife of the KZN South Coast with the new 38km Beach-to-Beach Adventure Hike extending from Port Edward to St Michael’s beaches. Launched on Friday by South Coast Tourism & Investment Enterprise (SCTIE), the Beach-to-Beach Adventure Hike also coincides with the annual Sardine Run and humpback whale migration.


“We’re continuing to find ways for visitors to uncover the incredible natural assets found along the Paradise of the Zulu Kingdom, and the launch of the Beach-to-Beach Adventure Hike is one such example,” commented Phelisa Mangcu, CEO of SCTIE.


“It’s a wonderful culmination of our outdoor adventure, Blue Flag beaches, nature and historical sites that make the KZN South Coast such an attractive tourism offering. This is a great opportunity for visitors to enjoy sightings of the incredible marine life that accompanies the annual Sardine Run, from the birds diving overhead to the leaping spinner sharks and devil rays, breaching humpback whales, and frolicking dolphins – the ocean comes alive! We look forward to welcoming many adventurers on this new outdoor experience.”


Media representatives and stakeholders were invited to experience part of the Beach-to-Beach Adventure Hike as part of the official launch on Friday, 23 June, with a stop at Blue Lagoon Restaurant which is found along the route and boasts exquisite views.


For those wanting to experience the Beach-to-Beach Adventure Hike, the 38km journey starts at Port Edward Beach with the Sao Joao Portuguese Monument that commemorates those who died in the Sao Joao Shipwreck back in 1552. The hike continues to Glenmore Beach where remains of the Nightingale Shipwreck can be viewed. This ship ran aground on the rocks off Glenmore Beach in 1933.


The journey alongside the Indian Ocean crosses endless golden beaches, lagoons, estuaries, lush subtropical coastal forests and waving grasslands, with sightings of animals and seabirds such as albatrosses, seagulls, oystercatchers, waders, gannets and more. Mpenjati and Palm Beaches are also part of the hike, before crossing Trafalgar, one of the region’s many Blue Flag Beaches. This forms part of the Trafalgar Marine Protected Area (MPA), one of three MPAs along the KZN South Coast. Here hikers can view rock fossils that are exposed in the intertidal zone, and rock pools home to great marine life.


Then it’s on to another Blue Flag Beach, Marina Beach, renowned for great swimming and sunbathing, before stopping in at Southbroom Beach. This boasts a variety of birdlife, including Barn Swallows, Harrier Hawk, Crowned Eagles and Purple Crested Loeries. Visitors can also look out for Blue Duiker, bushbuck, bushpig, porcupine, water monitors, and mongoose. Finally, it’s the last Blue Flag Beach on the route – Ramsgate Beach – which is a great fishing spot and bird lovers delight.


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