The Rocky Bay mountain bike and running trails are now open!

The Rocky Bay mountain bike and running trails are now open!
The Rocky Bay mountain bike and running trails are now open!

After the devastating KZN floods that caused so much structural damage, there’s great news for bikers, hikers and trail runners on the KZN South Coast! Several of the popular Rocky Bay hiking and mountain biking trails have been reopened, boasting spectacular scenery and an epic adventure into the coastal forest.

“We’re very excited to welcome the hiking and biking fraternities back to Rocky Bay after extensive work was done to re-establish our wonderful trails,” said Annien Koulountis, Resorts Manager at Rocky Bay Resorts. “Our Rocky Bay Trails cater for both novice and experienced mountain bikers and trail runners alike, passing through sugar cane fields with ocean views and into the cooler indigenous coastal forest sections. This is a real treat for birders and there’s also the chance of glimpsing a duiker or two.”

The Rocky Bay Trails were established in 2011 and have grown to accommodate the massive demand, now consisting of around 111km of running and mountain biking trails. The mountain biking trails consist of an easy 12km, increasing in length to a 19km and 29km trail, as well as the more challenging 39km trail. The running trails include 6km, 8km and 10km options with all trails clearly marked and signposted – orange for bikes, green for trail running, and black arrows indicating where caution is needed.

For visitors who are new to the sport and want to take things easy, there are plenty of trails available for the beginner riders and runners who don’t want to get overwhelmed by technical or aggressive trails. However, there are also more challenging trails for those who want to test their abilities. The trails are operational from sunrise to sunset for a self-supported outdoor adventure.

As Koulountis explained: “We have ensured that the ‘racing snakes’ out there are catered for with some challenging technical sections being included on the longer trails. These trails have ‘Chicken Run’ and ‘Bull Run’ options at the more technical, single-track sections which cater for all levels of riders. The great thing about every route is that they all finish on a downhill!”

Dock 360 Restaurant at Rocky Bay Resorts welcomes all riders and runners with great meals and refreshments to replenish their reserves after their adventures on the trails. The Saddle Shack, which is the on-site bike shop, is able to assist riders with repairs and servicing, as well as some fantastic new goodies to meet the needs of all trail runners and bikers.

Offering advice to the newbies taking to the sport, Jason Scott of The Saddle Shack said: “The options of riding gear are endless, but to start off, we suggest that a helmet and gloves are absolute must-haves – and a bike of course! We offer everything you need from bike services and sales to accessories and apparel. Anything two-wheel related!”

The Rocky Bay Resorts main lodge has shower and ablution facilities for riders and runners, as well as the option of dipping in the refreshing fresh-water swimming pool. Families are welcome, with a jungle gym available for the little ones. There’s also a mini-trail for the youngest riders and runners to enjoy!

Other adventures to enjoy at Rocky Bay include:

  • Boat trips and deep-sea fishing with Mokarran Dive Charters based at Rocky Bay Resorts situated within walking distance of the beach and launch site. Visitors can charter boats for a day of world-class snorkelling or scuba diving at Aliwal Shoal – a Marine Protected Area home to sharks, rays and many fish species.
  • A must-try for all visitors to Rocky Bay is shark cage diving with Shark Cage Diving KZN. Discover a world of blacktips, duskies, spinner and tiger sharks all from the safety of the stainless-steel cage.
  • Swim and snorkel in the rock pools during low tide at Granny’s Pool and view the marine life residing there.
  • Feel invigorated and start the day right by taking a walk to the Rocky Bay Resorts lookout bench and enjoy sunrise coffee.

Rocky Bay Resorts is the perfect spot to enjoy these – and more – seaside adventures! Rocky Bay Resorts has accommodation ranging from one-bedroom log cabins to a six-sleeper, three-bedroom log cabins and a Caravan Park with many sites offering sea views.

To find out more about these and other Rocky Bay experiences, visit or like the @RockyBayResorts Facebook page. To book accommodation at the Rocky Bay Resorts log cabins or Caravan Park, call 039 976 0336. Book the beach break of your dreams today:


Disclaimer: Rocky Bay Trails are maintained but not manicured to retain more of an ‘adventure experience’. Visitors use the trails their own risk. There are no collection or rescue services for any emergency.