The Beginner’s Guide to Hiking in the Woods

Beginner’s Guide to Hiking in the Woods
Beginner’s Guide to Hiking in the Woods

How many times have you watched Touching The Void onscreen and been jealous of the adventure trip that connected friends for life? Well, the major reason why you’re jealous is that it’s next to impossible to go on such trips without training due to difficult roads that test your physical and mental ability, especially when you’re working a desk job.

However, the solution to all these worries is hiking. Yes, hiking, which is more of a leisure activity that has well-made trails made for interested people and usually costs less than a simple trekking trip. You can easily plan a hiking trip with your friends, deep into the woods with basic physical training and what all you’ll need additionally, is a good guide to help you navigate. It’s safer and more fun rather than a task.

Oh, you could also use Hiking for weight loss or just as an outlet to get rid of stress, it’s always a win-win. In fact, research shows that outdoor activities like Hiking can increase your attention span by a whopping 50 percent.

So, if you’re convinced and in case you are looking for a reminder about the amazing world we live in, you’ll need a beginner’s guide to help you out for your first hike in the woods. Look no further, because we’ve got it right here for you:

Figure out the duration and location

If you’re going out for your first hike or planning a few weekly trips in a month to start with, you need to look for local options. Considering a beginner’s lack of experience and need for training, you need to look for one day or weekend options. Go out for a few hours on a Sunday and relax in the arms of nature. If you want to go one level ahead, you could plan a weekend trip which would require you to learn the ropes about a tent and hiking with some extra baggage.

Get the right ‘wear’

Hiking and no hiking shoes? – Well, that would be a blunder. They provide good grip, good support and ample protection for anything that might go wrong.  Shoes like Solomon Odyssey Pro hiking shoes or Merely Men’s Moab 2 waterproof hiking shoes are one of the best options, to begin with. They are durable and give ample comfort. If not, you can check here the best walking shoes for men to get a better idea.

Clothing is very important especially considering that hiking is a sort of physical exercise. Consider weather as the most important factor, wear shorts if it’s going to be hot or lightweight pants if it’s cold. Avoid jeans until and unless it’s really cold and you are sure that you would be able to walk long distances in them. You could also carry a jacket over a comfortable t-shirt depending on the temperature. Moreover, wear sunscreen and carry a hat if things are going to get hot.

Carry appropriate gear

You would see most Hikers carrying a Backpack. Depending on your duration and location, find a light and comfortable bag with the right storage. You can carry a normal bag that you have if it’s a one day hike but you’ll need to buy something professional from an outdoor store or online market if you plan to start on multi-day hikes. Carry a first aid kit, sunscreen, sunglasses, tent air conditioner and a cellphone. If you are going for longer trips, carry a portable charger too!

Food and water is vital

Always carry enough water according to your trip or have ideas about refills or hike stops with water. It is usually advised to drink around one liter of water every 3 hours to be at your best and not get dehydrated quickly. Find stainless steel or aluminum bottles for longevity and more storage. You can also need snacks for long hikes or depending on your normal appetite. Focus on carrying light but high nutrition and carbohydrate-based foods. You could carry a pack of nuts, some fruits or granola bars. However, ignore anything that has high sugar content and gives temporary energy which would be insufficient for any hikers. (ruins the whole purpose of being healthy and having run).

Considering how there were approximately 44.9 million hikers in 2017 just in the United States, it’s never a bad time to start on this new journey.