What Does Glamping Look Like in South Africa?

Tented Adventures Bezhoek
Tented Adventures Bezhoek

Everyone likes a getaway. It’s a time to create memories, build relationships and relax. A time to wind down, away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday life. One of the best places to relax is on a bush getaway. The real question is where do you stay?

If you stay in a traditional Game Lodge, it costs a lot of money. If you stay at a campsite, it means more stuff to bring and more items to pack. You may not have all the equipment meaning you have to go and buy the equipment needed. This once again adds to the cost. What if there was a happy medium?

Camps like Tented Adventures Bezhoek have created the happy medium where you can stay in luxury at a much lower cost. They do this through Glamping!

What is Glamping?

Glamping can be described as glamourous camping. Glamping has many of the comforts of staying in a cottage or cabin while it is often cheaper and allows you to feel closer to nature. Our Luxury Safari Tents at Tented Adventures Bezhoek are a great example of Glamping.

Luxury Tents is an ingenious design that allows you to have many of the comforts of a cabin and a more bush experience. Unlike camping you can enjoy the luxuries of an en suite bathroom, a secure structure and electricity. Unlike a cabin, you can feel close to nature and hear the sounds of the wild outside.

Each luxury safari tent has two 3/4 beds (can convert to 1 king size bed per tent), luxury linen, camp chairs, carpeted flooring, large windows with gauze netting, and an en suite bathroom.

Why Choose Glamping in the Bush?

We all love the feelings and sounds you hear in the bush. The birds tweeting, the animals making their sounds, the genets calling to one another. These are the reasons you go to the bush; this is what forms memories. This is a major reason why many people love camping in the outdoors.

There are, however, many of us who want to have a hot shower without leaving our room. We want to have electricity to charge our phones or for lights. This does not mean that we do not want to feel close to or experience nature. And this is where Glamping offers a happy medium. An accommodation where luxury and authenticity meet.

Tented Adventures Bezhoek is known for its camping as well as its adventures. Being only two hours away from Johannesburg it makes for the perfect getaway. The camp subscribes to the Travel Safe Movement and follows all COVID19 protocols. With the camp being spread out and having outdoor areas, this makes for a perfect COVID19 friendly getaway.

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