Top camping destinations around the world

Top camping destinations around the world
Top camping destinations around the world. Image source: Pixabay

The summer is approaching and that means holiday time is also coming. Camping holidays remain very popular because they offer people leading stressful city lives a chance to spend their holidays close to nature. We have some great camping holiday destinations to consider here that will let you bask in natural beauty this summer.

Le Clos du Lac

Among the finest European camping sites, this is in France, at the edge of the Ecrins national park and it combines spectacular scenery that will make your social media sizzle with a range of outdoor activities that you can enjoy. There is fishing and swimming available at Serre-Poncon lake, while if you prefer to stay on dry land you can go hiking along one of the trails in Boscodon forest. The actual camp site itself also offers a botanical garden that has 9 types of butterfly, kids play section and a volleyball court.

Waihi Beach Holiday Park

If you would prefer to camp at a coastal location then the beauteous Waihi Beach Holiday Camp might just fit the bill for you. One of the finest and most popular camp sites found in New Zealand it is situated quite close to Auckland, within the Bay of Plenty’s North Island. There is no shortage of things that you can do there, as water and beach sports are available in addition to hiking, a playroom for families and a fully-heated swimming pool. Waihi Beach is also a great choice if you want to explore New Zealand culture as it is a traditional Maori region.

D’Olde Kamp

This camping site can be found in Ansen, in the Netherlands and it allows you to experience a camping holiday while also cheating a bit. You can opt to camp out in the open field, but alternatively there is a private pitching area that has wi-fi, an oven for cooking pizza, fire pits and hot bread. This lets you boast to friends about the great outdoors when you get back without actually having to rough it in the wild. If you have kids with you, they will love the rabbits, donkeys and goats to be found at this site and the ‘farming diploma’ they can earn by helping to feed them.

Amazon Rainforest

You may not realise it but you can actually take a camping holiday in the Amazon rainforests of South America. You will be accompanied by an Amerindian guide who knows these forests and who will teach you about them. A camping holiday here will let you learn about the mysterious ayahuasca drink used by tribal shamans that has mind altering properties. It will also allow you to listen to the various birds and other creatures that call out at night while you lie in your tent, if that prospect excites rather than scares you.

There are lots of fantastic places in the world to pick for a camping holiday, but you won’t be disappointed by any of these