10 Reasons to Travel on a Motorbike

10 Reasons to Travel on a Motorbike
10 Reasons to Travel on a Motorbike

Travelling is all about enjoying your time away from routine. It is all about absorbing in every minute of your time. It is about capturing the moments that you will cherish afterward. When you plan your travel, you opt for a ride that is most comfortable so most of the times, you end up taking us where you could just sit and enjoy.

  • Presence in the Scene:

When you are traveling on a bike, you can be a part of the scene. You don’t have to watch through a window. Instead, you have an unhindered view of the road and whatever it is that is on your right and left sides. He can feel the wind blow your hair, you can feel the sun on your skin and you can enjoy the moment in every sense.

  • Freedom:

When you are traveling in a bus or with any tour group, they will stop at some particular points. They have an itinerary made that they follow strictly. When you are traveling on a bike, you can stop anywhere you want and whenever you want!

  • Unhindered Views:

When you are traveling by bike, you experience views that are not possible to experience when you are in a car or a bus. You see a complete view ahead of you and on your either side. There is no barrier between you and the view and you can enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Breathtaking Shots:

It is not possible to ask your bus driver to stop at some point where you think you should stop to take pictures. On a bike, you can stop anywhere and spend as much time as you want to take a picture that you can show off later!

  • Tracks less Travelled:

With a bike, you can also take tracks that are not usually taken by people. You can take the lane that is off the main road and explore places that are less visited by people.

  • Exploring Cultures:

When a person is traveling on a bike, he gets a chance to interact with people that he meets on his way. He gets to see closely how locals spend their time and what their activities are. This helps in exploring cultures of the places you visit.

  • Cost effective:

Traveling by bike is extremely cost-effective. Car rents, maintenance, and fuel consumption are greater than that of a bike.

  • Discover New Spots:

Traveling by bike gives you an opportunity to discover new places. When you are traveling on your own, you can take any routes that you want and who knows you might find a new spot?

  • Challenging:

Traveling by bike makes you feel you are out on an adventure. Bike is definitely a risky option and is far less comfortable but if you are looking out for an adventure, grab a bike and set off on the journey!


  • Risks:

A number of risks are associated with traveling by bike but they will make you braver, stronger and quicker at making decisions and finding solutions!

We see examples of people traveling by bike and setting examples. One recent example that we saw was the Top Gear Vietnam Tour where a group of travelers traveled through the length of Vietnam on a bike! Isn’t that a motivation enough?

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