SAPS invade home of white family, confiscate food, Middelburg

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SAPS invade home of white family, confiscate food, Middelburg
SAPS invade home of white family, confiscate food, Middelburg

After the shocking incidents at Ballito and Dwarskersbos, the most shocking incident of all where black Police officers have abused and arrested minority South Africans for violating trivial and unjust lockdown regulations has happened in Middelburg, Mpumalanga.     

From all available evidence it looks like a busybody in the neighbourhood with a full fridge has called the jackboots to come and snatch food from a white family who really need it because the breadwinner in the house works for himself doing odd jobs and cant get any contracting work to do at the moment.                                     
Three racist black Police officers have invaded the private residence of this white family at night and snatched food which had to be delivered under cover of darkness because the Police don’t allow food deliveries to white people and will arrest people for doing that.                                                 

The grandchildren in the family, 5 and 12 years old, had to watch helplessly as the three black Police officers carried the food out.                                                   

The 53 year old man told Mobserver community newspaper that it is difficult enough to be dependent on handouts but his family must eat and it was very difficult for him to see how the just delivered food parcel was carried out by the 3 Police officers. They even took some food which was not in the delivered food parcel.     

The incident happened 2 weeks ago. The 3 Police members refused to identify themselves and only asked if it was whites who delivered the food. They said the delivery of food by private people is illegal and that the ANC controlled local authority is in charge of the distribution of food. All food donations must be taken to a central warehouse according to them.                                               

The victim of the food snatching did go down to the local Police station where he was chased away. His phone was also slapped out of his hand by the policeman because he tried to record the Police’s refusal to help him. The man kept quiet initially because he was scared that he and his family would be victimised further by the Police. A local pharmacist heard about the incident and contacted the local Mobserver community newspaper to report about the incident. Residents of the area also know about similar incidents of Police taking food donations from white people which happened in Mineralia, but these people are too scared to complain.

Mr Llewellyn Hemmens, Afriforum’s safety co-coordinator for the North region, got involved and assisted the victim. Mr Hemmens had a conversation with the Middelburg SAPS. They confirmed the incident but said the Police members involved came from another Police station. It looks like the members who took the food parcel from the victims in this case were also involved in similar incidents.                         

Mr Hemmens said they will follow up the matter to make sure the incident is not swept under the carpet.                       
We also reported previously about the Cradle of Hope center in Krugersdorp where the lady who distribute food was even prohibited from distributing peanut butter sandwiches.         

The local Police also watched the place, ready to pounce and arrest the lady as soon as one sandwich is given to a hungry person.

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