FF Plus’s legal action to have BLF deregistered continues

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FF Plus’s legal action to have BLF deregistered continues
FF Plus’s legal action to have BLF deregistered continues. Photo: BLF

The legal action undertaken by the FF Plus to have the BLF deregistered as a political party will be followed through, despite the fact that the party first withdrew its application that it brought before the Electoral Court on 29 March 2019, due to a technical reason.

In its place, an appeal has now been filed with the Electoral Commission so as to halt the BLF.

The FF Plus believes that the merit of the case is strong seeing as the Electoral Commission Act prohibits the chief electoral officer to register a party that excludes people from joining the party based on race, ethnicity and skin colour.

There is, however, a technical juristic argument that could sink the case. Thus, the FF Plus has decided to rather file an appeal with the Commission and give it seven days to decide on the matter.

Depending on the outcome of the appeal and should the Commission drag its feet with making a decision, the FF Plus will urgently bring the application before the Electoral Court in Bloemfontein again.

The timeline for the upcoming elections forces the Commission to make a decision regarding the appeal as soon as possible.

The FF Plus brought the matter to the attention of the chief electoral officer on 17 January this year already. The IEC, however, only responded to the FF Plus’s letters in this regard on 13 March 2019.

It was only then that it came to light that the constitution submitted to the chief electoral officer by the BLF is the same as the one that can be found on their website and that it excludes people from becoming members based on their race.

The FF Plus will not give up the fight against the BLF’s racism and racial polarisation. Being in contempt of South Africa’s Constitution and our electoral legislation may not be tolerated.

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