Deregister the BLF for their hateful actions and statements

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Deregister the BLF for their hateful actions and statements. Photo: FNSA
Deregister the BLF for their hateful actions and statements. Photo: FNSA

On the 4th of February this year Front National submitted a complaint with the HRC against the BLF’s Lindsay Maasdorp for blatant hate speech following the Hoërskool Driehoek tragedy in Vanderbijlpark. This was only one example of many incidents of hate speech, incitement to breaking the law, threats and insults uttered by the BLF. And based upon that, Front National stated many, many times before, BLF should never be allowed to contest an election in South Africa.

And now they will.

We support any motion to have the BLF deregistered as a political party, but it should be done for the right reasons.

The examples of hate speech, violent behaviour, incitement to occupy land and break the law are all over the media to be found with a basic search function. That is enough reason for disqualification.

The fact that the BLF openly states that they are a movement for black people only, should not be.

Why can black people not have a movement to serve their unique interests as a cultural or ethnic group? Why cannot Indian, Coloured or White people have such groups? Why cannot Khoisan, Griqua, Zulu or Venda people have such groups?

Multiculturalism is deeply ingrained into our society on all levels and anybody who supports the liberal ideas of multiculturalism should not find any barriers to living it. Why then should those who prefer to support the interests of their own cultural, demographic or religious community first, be barred from doing so? Is that not a reversal of the apartheid legislation which forced people apart, now merely forcing them together?

Throughout history people and groups have been persecuted for their ideas, more often than for their actions. Therefore dictators got away with massacres while people were hanged, shot and jailed for their beliefs.The world is too focussed on what other people think and not focussed enough on what they do.

If the BLF is to be de-registered as a party and barred from taking part in the election, let it be for their hateful actions and statements, not for what they believe in. For if that is what we base our charges on, we are no better than them.

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