Three victims escaped death during a farm attack – video


James Munro and Albert de Beer tell the story of a farm attack and how they survived. The shock and humiliation of being persecuted by brutal suspects that had no mercy for another human being.

Three people were overpowered by several suspects who gained access to their house situated in Barberton in the early hours of Sunday 20 August 2017.

The suspects took no chances and quickly tied up one of the residents after assaulting him. While James did not get away without a few surprises. The suspects pointed a gun at him and fired, but fortunately, the gun misfired, and that is probably why he survived the attack.

In the meantime, one of the victims tried to raise the alarm, and the suspects quickly ransacked the house fleeing with valuable household goods.

During the attack, the suspects swore at the victims expressing extreme hatred for whites.

The police and security services swiftly responded to the incident and are investigating the matter.

Another ordeal faced by our farmers who live in constant fear of these barbaric criminals seeking to destroy the lives of innocent victims.

For more information read Five farm attacks over the weekend in South Africa

The video contains strong language.

South Africa Today – South Africa News

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  • Foong Mun Loh

    why aren’t they armed with guns ?……you arm yourself when you’re facing lions, right ?……..these subhumans are more dangerous than lions……..always keep a handgun in a holster at the waist with a spare magazine……..

    • Sallie Ann

      All the guns were confiscate… do you expect them to arm themselves? Please read a few more articles before you embarass yourself further about the whites in South Africa.