Chaos in our ‘transformed’ schools against white teachers -video

Front National SA


While Front National delivered a letter to the Minister of Education this morning, among others, Putfontein Primary School (see our email from yesterday afternoon at twelve o’clock), we have received more documents and videos.

Daniel Lotter has been assured by Secretary Steve Mabua that the petition regarding Putfontein will be on the minister’s desk tomorrow morning; Adv. Jurg Prinsloo and Gordon Fox will meet a group of dissatisfied teachers this coming weekend, and Hannes Engelbrecht is busy with all the documentation.

The following video of intimidation of white teachers was probably taken at George Campbell School in Durban last Thursday.

It is unfortunate that we as an extra-parliamentary party should handle such matters that should be taken care of by civil rights organizations (but who showed no interest when they were approached by the schools); Although FN will fight for the rights and protection of our own people.

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  • Sylvan Peckerwood

    When I was young I hoped to one day live in South Africa. That was before Mandela, after the collapse of South Africa there is nothing for me there anymore.

  • Rick Morrow

    South Africa has turned into a hell-hole. WSAs should pack up and leave and let these idiots kill each other off. It won’t be long until they start eating each other again. There is no civilizing these savages.

    • Paul Robinson

      I read an article on hinnews I believe was the site. They already have started eating each other.

    • Barky

      Same in the urban USA…..

  • Badger Badgerism

    This why you stop the spread of the Planet of the Apes before it is too late

    • Tom Tom

      No, you just leave the country and after they’ve destroyed it and invite you back, maybe you go back, but only for a lot of money and land.

  • Tom Tom

    If you are white and you are still in South Africa, you are going to die. Get out NOW.

  • kzF

    This will happen anywhere Blacks take control. FACT. Expect it to happen in the USA.