In this video by KM, we see how, with expropriation of land without compensation, recently being pursued in South Africa, many fear the nation fall into a Zimbabwe style collapse or an allout civil war. Zimbabwe collapsed after the land was taken away from white farmers and the unemployment rose to 90%. Black leaders and the uneducated black masses in South Africa are threatening to take the land by force if necessary and the South African ANC government plans to legalise this theft of white owned land. Certain groups like Suidlanders believe that civil war in the country is coming. Numerous violent farm attacks and farm murders are on the increase in South Africa.

As with Zimbabwe the theft of legally owned land could result in a civil war as farmers and the minority white population refuse to give up their land. The land which was never stolen and was legally obtained by whites was never owned by the blacks and it was never theirs to start with.

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