In this video by ‘Loving Life’ we see a report on the extreme persecution of the white minority in South Africa and calls it a genocide. Both the police and the judicial system and other ANC departments are said to be targeting whites. But the biased fake media quickly and with fervor covers a white on black attack, like the infamous ‘coffin case’,or the Eben Etzebeth so called racial slur, which spreads all over the world with great condemnation. But the reverse never even gets any coverage. The report covers the onslaught against whites in South Africa.

WE ARE BEING SLAUGHTERED! ROLL CALL FOR VICTIMS OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE DECEMBER 2019! Information is provided about white victims only because genocide exist when one group is being slaughtered by another group in a hateful manner. This slaughter is carried on month by month in South Africa, so the point is being made that a slow genocide is happening.

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