Did blacks attack a white squatter camp – VIDEO


In the video (Removed from YouTube) you will see the damage and destruction that blacks from a nearby township did to a white squatter camp and continue to torment the whites.

The black township houses all have solar geyser water heating, probably supplied for free from the government. The white squatter camp houses do not have solar heating, these poor whites have a “donkey” system, a 44 gallon drum that is heated by fire and the residents get their hot water from this system.  It is unfair and discrimination.

Electricity is a problem and all the houses have illegal connections and this is a problem for the nearby white squatter camp. The trouble started when the “red ants” disconnected the illegal connections and they threatened the white squatter camp. The blacks walk around with guns and keep on creating problems for the whites.

Watch the video, it is informative and reflects the real situation in South Africa.  The real action starts about half way during the video.

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