Racists Khumalo and Sparrow both wrong but justice fails

Up in arms over the Riaan Lucas racist rant

Velaphi Khumalo charged with hate speech for a controversial post in January this year where he stated that “white people should be hacked and killed like Jews,” is back at work. Yes, back at work, Khumalo used to work for the government and was suspended with full pay pending the investigation.

Racists Khumalo and Sparrow both wrong but justice fails
Racists Khumalo and Sparrow both wrong but justice fails

The department of sports, arts, culture and recreation said in January that the department viewed the posts by Velaphi Khumalo as severe and at that time distanced itself from Khumalo. The department stated that the remarks did not stand for what the provincial government stood for. Yet Khumalo is back at work.

Maroela Media reported that Khumalo is back at work after being given a warning during an internal disciplinary procedure.

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) confirmed that Khumalo would still be prosecuted, and complaints against him would be taken to the Equality Court. They also confirmed that he had returned to work after the process of a final warning was concluded.

After Penny Sparrow referred to blacks as monkeys on a Facebook post and was quickly reprimanded for the racial content, Khumalo reciprocated calling for whites to be killed. Sparrow was ordered to pay a R150 000 fine by the equality court, and Khumalo gets off with a slap on the wrist.

The government gives him his job back, and nothing will be done, after all, we cannot forget he was oppressed during apartheid and will receive the sympathy of the majority. The problem is that there are millions of uneducated black South African are frustrated, bitter and confused.

Racism is blamed on the white population; it is all over South Africa, when blacks do not do well, or fail and continue in the pit of poverty. The race card is played all time, and it is the white man that is to blame for the state of affairs. Racist is a pathetic, overused term used by people to label every problem.

Yes, blacks are offended by any criticism and carry a racism card that never expires and can pull it out at any time, without repercussions, and are raised to believe that the suffering under apartheid allows for protection. Does the government protect black racists? Yes, with a racist government who openly sings songs inciting violence against whites, the majority are programmed to follow the leaders.

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