ANC what have you done? – Warning graphic photos

Opinion Piece


Most people expect to see scenes like this during a full scale war but in fact this is an extremely common reality in the modern day South Africa.

South-Africa-is-burningA plotted map of violent protests around South Africa.

Protest-Map-for-South-AfricaSouth Africa, where it is a regular occurrence to burn people in the communities, and frequently some victims are set alight while still alive


Xenophobia-South-AfricaA place where the police are vilified because they shot dead a group of charging armed protesters who were told by their witch doctor “bullets won’t hurt you”…

Marikana-massacreUnder the ANC’s “genius” leadership – South Africa has not only become the rape capital of the world but also the murder capital of the world.

Brutal scenes in South Africa. On a farm in Randfontein, an entire family was killed in the middle of March, including a nine -year-old girl Kayla . Four uneaten sandwiches in the sink (not in picture) testifies that the attack came unexpected and sudden. Photo: Nya Tider / Free West Media

South Africa has become a horrible place to live for an alienated and forgotten white minority. Farm murders are rife and the white people are attacked regularly young and old.

Farmer beaten during a land invasion crisis – Loteni area – Image – S A Rural

EFFAhh the South African Rand. Truly turned into toilet paper by the ANC.

zuma-junkSo what good has become of South Africa under the controversial ANC? Madness? Democracy? Freedom? A rainbow nation?

That all is BS. There is no democracy when your president has hundreds of corruption charges against him.

There is absolutely no freedom whatsoever when over 50 people are murdered each day, forcing people to turn their homes into a prison.

There is no rainbow nation because black and white are not in the rainbow.

So, ANC, we thank you for painting a new undesirable flag and turning South Africa from a first class world country into a third world dump.

The ruling party is dragging South Africa into a pit of horror and until the current supporters and leader are replaced all hope is lost. It is the personal ambitions that drive the ANC, and members are there for self-enrichment, and this is the price of greed. President Zuma is a real embarrassment to South Africa.

In the near future a crisis is approaching that is unnerving and causes one to tremble for the safety of our country.