The white ghettos of South Africa


White South Africans battle poverty and unemployment. Over the past 22 years, since democracy dawned on the country, the minority group has journeyed a turbulent battle to survive. The African National Congress (ANC) has implemented affirmative action policies so that the majority can have sheltered employment. It is no longer a case of employing the most skilled, professional, and qualified people for the job. The South African economic demise situation clearly shows the results of how these laws have had an adverse effect.

All state owned entities, Eskom, Prasa, Transnet to name a few, and including the defense force, employ black South Africans and white people are no longer eligible to hold a position based on the employment equity laws. Private corporations, including banks, have no option but to stick to the government’s affirmative action policies and exclude whites from the job market. Is affirmative action reverse racism; is it a law to employ people based on ethnicity and not ability?

Now millions of whites remain unemployed, without a home, and survive through handouts and charities. White squatter camps have become the home for many white people who have nowhere else to go. Who is to blame, greedy rich people and an ineffective government.

The majority assumes that all white people are rich and it is a misconception. Evan, under apartheid, there were millions of whites who were poor. Now skilled people are unemployed and forced to live in appalling conditions. Squatter camps are messy, dirty, unhygienic and without infrastructure.

Millions of blacks live in poverty to, thanks to the ANC. During the democratic era, millions of blacks have emerged from poverty to riches and live in massive houses, drive expensive cars and continue to ignore the plight of the poor majority. The ANC and the rich elite do nothing to better relations between diverse groups. The ANC will do nothing, as it will distract the public from their corruption and incompetence. Racial hatred wins the ruling party votes.

For years, the ANC and other political parties call for the end of white monopoly and still believe that the minority has economic power. The white minority does not have any power; it is the state owned entities who hold the power, that can improve the economy and improve conditions. Nevertheless, with the corruption, and incompetence the government has neglected to create a booming economic system.

As some have said, Nelson Mandela would be turning in his grave to think that one form of discrimination has been replaced with another whereby whites cannot be employed and people cannot open businesses without a black partner. Racism by any other form is still racism.

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