Gangs, Race and Poverty 22 years after Apartheid

Gangs, Race and Poverty 22 years after Apartheid - Image - Creative Commons License

Township Lessons from the Cape of Good Hope, tells the story of people living in the Cape Flats area outside of Cape Town, South Africa 22 years after Apartheid.

How do township residents in slums cope with crime, unemployment, and poverty in a country still very much struggling with racism, underdevelopment, and inequality?

Here is an answer from an observer. “That’s why resentment towards white people continues to grow. Few try to understand the aftermath left by the apartheid regime. There is little hope for these communities and people are left to fend for themselves. I find it extremely ignorant for individuals to automatically label communities such as these as ‘lazy’ or ‘uneducated’ and the community itself is to blame for the conditions they find themselves in. Post-apartheid government who essentially was left with the responsibility address post-apartheid issues has and continues to fail to do so. In South Africa, democracy is only good on paper.”

An overseas observer said, “South Africa was the richest country in Africa with tens of thousands coming from countries to the North and such as Lesotho to work. Now very high unemployment and poverty, violent crime prevails, all because the outside World would not listen to the Apartheid Government, that had planned to contribute of the prosperity and security. The real racist were/are the Anti-Apartheid activists including those who wanted power without working for it, just murdering with bombs and Soviet sponsored propaganda. Terrorists always make terrible administrators; they are not used to the skilled work. 99% of the ordinary folk I ask here in Europe, what exactly was Apartheid, just have no idea, or why Nelson Mandela was jailed but could have been released within a few short years if he had publicly swore off violence and murder. If he had been tried for stockpiling weapons (over 1 000 landmines plus AK47s etc), if it had been a black government he would have been executed within days. Why is it that the average person lacks the ability to reason properly?”

The in-depth video reveals how people remain disadvantaged under a democratic government. While corruption and personal enrichment remain the priority of government, South Africa will never reap the rewards of democracy.

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