7 Photos why white South Africans desperately need help

Fuck white tears.

White people are in a deadly balance between death and extinction.

Have a scroll through the photos and see the reality for the trifling 8% of white people left in South Africa.

You have to ponder and ask yourself is this where you can live and not feel alienated?

Is this a place where you can surely say that your children will have a safe and secure future?

This horrid place is where extreme restrictions are forced upon white people where they can not get work due to Black Economic empowerment and other racial based laws. This is also a country where racial quotas are enforced on the South African sport fields under one of the most racist terms in South Africa “transformation”.

The only thing transformation caused in modern days was the great embarrassment during the T20 international cricket series between South Africa and Sri Lanka where the selectors had an almost “fetish” to select mostly players of colour. (By the way selectors you play players according to merit not your little racist agendas of “Transformation”. You will transform our cricket and other stadiums in to dusty arid spaces with duck ponds.

How can the majority nation of a country (black people) be privileged with ridiculous laws and get work or sporting positions before a minority nation (white people) who only consist of 8% of the population?

Yes Apartheid is a well known fact about South Africa’s past but I was not born during apartheid. You can’t blame anything on me about Apartheid but I am an alienated white young man in South Africa. Think again before you call me racist or a deserter of my country I invite you to step in to my shoes…

The biggest modern curse on any nation is the South African passport for a white person.

I am not asking you to agree with me but I am asking you to acknowledge that in this so called “the country of milk and honey” there are major issues plaguing a vulnerable minority.

After these 7 photos,

Think again…

Black mentality in South Africa “Honeymoon is over for White people”.

Honeymoon is over for White people in South Africa.

Increasing racial hate murders on whites are becoming a serious concern for Genocide.

Farm murders.

A monument erected for all the murdered white farmers.

Farm Murders Monument South Africa.

Black mentality in South Africa. Yes they state it quite clear.

Kill all whites.

Even university students state their wish very clear.

Kill All Whites South Africa.

More “creative” thinking from fellow black students in South Africa.

Fuck white tears.

Black mentality in South Africa. We as white people clearly do not belong in Dark Africa.

South Africa is for blacks only.